Interlude: Prophetic Solitude
Nimbus Beginning
Chapter Two: Becoming Legend

Verisa Menteselunday - Mentesularday

Krenok enters the spirit realm and learns that "The key to the true name of the Dragon of Tg is the of the Eye Tyrant YHOOA." He, Nimbus and Halation then visit the Libriohenaeum in Selunaport. There, Nimbus stuns the Stack Masters and the Master Librarian of the city with his tale. Pledging their support against the One, they offer information to Nimbus in return - the whereabouts of another piece of the name of the Dragon of Tg as well as a clue that could help to locate the hive of the Beholder YHOOA. One of the Stack Masters, a Dwarven expert on Sentar, agrees to join Nimbus's movement. This brings another disciple into the fold. The group travesl to Riot's Gate to seek out an art collector believed to hold another of the pieces. They find his home invaded by monstrosities emerged from painting purchased from an eccentric Dwarven artist in Kronos. One of his "non-animated" works appears to be an extremely aged depiction of Arek battling a tentacled mostrosity similar to those they had fought in the collector's home.

An Account by Krenok, Shaman of the Northern Bear, Ally of Horselords

After leaving my tribe, we arrived at the sacred stone in the Plains of the Horselords. We talked with Halation, a daughter of one of the Horselord chieftains, Salt. She knew nothing of the legend of the Stones of Tg. I call on the Spirits to tell me where to start searching for these Stones. My totem returned the spirit of a bugbear that said we should start with the Eye Tyrant YHOOA ("The key to the true name of the Dragon of Tg is that of the Eye Tyrant YHOOA").

Teleporting to Seluna Port to go to the Libriohenaeum, we quickly found the impressive building containing all that knowledge. We talked to Fez and he pointed to the neophyte researcher Trin and we made our demands for information. Nimbus began to tell his stories and we were quickly moved to another room. We sat with the Masters of the Stacks and talked for hours. They became scared by the knowledge that Nimbus shared. Consulting in fear outside the room, they returned with their master. He took us to an Inner Sanctum, claiming it was protected from the prying eyes of even the In-Between Men. Nimbus revealed our quests and the need for the Stones of Tg. They needed the night to research our questions but did reveal some information on the fourth piece. They believed that it would be among a tribe of giants allied with demons. Legend had it these giants had sacked a village and found one of the pieces.

We went back to Halation and she seemed bored. Remembering what Nimbus had said about Bibug Yidig, the creature he called Baba Yaga, I thought that Halation needed a story. Perhaps the Ah-Digidig is made of stories. I began playing my Spirit Drum and lit a fire. I summoned two imps to enact the story amidst the dancing smoke. I used them to tell the tale of the Beginning:

When there was nothing all was quiet. The darkness and quiet ended with a scream as Grummsh came into being. From his warcry, all things came into being. The wicked faerie acted out the arrival of Grummsh and his creation of the oceans from his spit and the mountains from his sweat. The suns were his rage and when he rested, the night arrived. As he slept, the orcs came and the greatest of them was Azkul the Bonecrusher. He subdued all of Sentar and all his enemies fell before him. It was on his death at the hands of a deceitful elf that destroyed all that Azkul had wrought. That marked the beginning of the end for the great orcish empire of the First Age.

As the fire dwindled into coals, the imps collapsed and disappeared.

Under the stars that night, we slept in peace. The next morning we returned to the Libriohenaeum and they told us of the location of YHOOA’s lair as well as the draconic soothsayers and the Art Dealer Ishaz Vishada in Riot’s Gate.

We teleported to Riot’s Gate in search of Vishada. He lived in the Ivy District. It had been four months since the Fall and the mood of the city was bad. We were followed by the Watch but, borne by Halation, we lost them in the crowd. We made it into the Ivy District and Vishada’s manor. However, the door was broken open and covered in blood. We entered the manor and inside we were attacked by a fiendish octopus that had destroyed the house and killed all within. Another appeared suddenly.

We fought the two tentacles horrors that had killed those in the house. I unleashed three volleys of spiritual bolts at one as Nimbus fixed it in place. As the first fell, the other’s tentacles crushed me. Nimbus was able to break me free and used his powers to heal me. I summoned Kust into the light and he attacked the monster. We finally defeated it.

We asked questions of the dead to learn of the horrors that had occurred. Nimbus was able to find the fragment of the Stone of Tg and we escaped into the crowds. Halation was able to teleport us away to Selunaport to continue our quest.

Knowledge from the Libriohenaeum

From the Stack Master of the Monotheocrate Order: Do not mistake the One for the Order. Though they worship the One, they are still Men.
From the Stack Master of Divine Beings: According to the Stack Master of Divine Beings at the Librioheneaum in Selunaport Baba Yaga is as the gods, though she is not herself divine. Although she is more like a Force of Nature, in truth, she is better understood as a Force of Tales, though she is not bound by any one story or consistent set of motives. Her power is as great as her objectives are mysterious. ("She does not fear the One." -Nimbus)
From the Stack Master of the Wilderlands Beyond: There sheer number and diversity of creatures on Sentar - particulary those which are sentient and aware - makes no ecological sense. It is a wonder we have not all destroyed each other sooner.
From the Stack Master of Sentar: The Aelea, the ancient servants of the Inbetween Men, are the forebearers of Elves, some of whose ways still reflect their ancient masters' wishes, for the good (such as the Lunar Elves of Seluna) and for bad (the Feraln).
From the Master Librarian of Selunaport: The Inbetween Men vanished nearly 5,000 years ago, when the first humans came to Sentar. They have only recently reappeared, a shadow of their former selves, and no longer unified in their purpose. There is a desperation about their activities. The Aelea has not been uniformly pleased at their return - a slave is still a slave, even if the master is wise.

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