Interlude: Prophetic Solitude
Arek's Silver Tears
Chapter Two: Becoming Ancient

Arek and Grutt continue their journey through the labyrinth. They face many trials. Finally, they stand before an ancient portal guarded by a hissing hooded figure. They speak before tentacles burst forth from the portal to grapple the dwarves.

"Your coming here was as water flowing to the sea."

Arek - What is this place?

"This is the edge of Dreams."

Arek - Where are we?

"You didn't think this place actually exists did you? - As much as anything can exist that is not yet devoured by the One."

Arek - How do we escape?

"There is but one exit for mortal kind.

Arek - How do we defeat the One?

"Ask your friends, the Inbetween Men. I care not. There is but one exit."

Other Paths
Becoming Nimbus

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