Book One: Ordered by Gods

Blood in the Marsh
Cuthberta Mentefreeday, Mentesularday, Claireselunday & Clairedakarday

Frankie's Schemas

Who gnomgineered this schema, cause it's malfunctioning badly!
(translation: just WHAT were we supposed to do in this swamp again?)

After fighting the ogres, the group decided to call it a night, and the majority decided to sleep in the cave that the ogres were using. We settled in, but the eight hours of sleep evaded us.

During the night a small army of skeletal undead appeared out of the darkness and assaulted us. Inigo and Nimbus kept them busy while we tried to organize ourselves. I couldn't see past anyone at first! Domaldi tried a few times to do something, I heard a lot of intonations to Heironeous. Things were not looking so great, so I crept out and nailed a skeleton with an xbow bolt. Didn't seem to do much, not looking good. Arek started praying to his god as well, and after a long moment this flash of light flooded out and obliterated most of the army! I decided to shoot what appeared to be their leader. The bolt sunk into him and he (it?) didn't even wince. Even the acid that Calibre was throwing at it didn't cause it to yell (but it's face sure did melt good).

Domaldi, wearing next to nothing, starting yelling out a litany to his father. Of course he had already chopped the undead thing in half before he finished, but I am not gonna complain. That religious fanatic stuff is pretty effective!

The group healed each other up and we got what sleep we could.

The next day was something else. We started tromping around, and it is a good thing that Calibre always knows where true north is. I am pretty sure that is the only thing that kept us from becoming lost. During one of the breaks I handed Calibre a note I had prepared, along with some instructions. I have taken the clockwork on as my responsibility, and it is only proper that I do what was right.

As our swamp meandering progressed aimlessly later into the day, we stopped and Tiberio started talking to the owl somehow.

I think I am becoming too used to magic. I wasn't even that disappointed when Calibre informed me that he used arcane energies to repair. I had even learned a lot of clockwork mechanics to do repair Calibre the "old fashioned way". Ah well.

The owl seemed quite agitated, but eventually flew off. She returned later and guided us to three stonesteel pillars. The first thought on my mind was: wow, I bet that stuff would make excellent engineering material. I wisely kept these thoughts to myself.

I didn't know what to really look for, and the ancient writings were beyond me (heck, I learned to decipher ENGINEERING schemas, not this stone druid stuff) Nimbus walked into the center, sat down, then collapsed. He really should start getting healed properly, I think the strain is too much for him. A short time later, Inigo began to patrol the outlying ring of these pillars. He yelled out something about "lizards" and ran off. I think he is a little too weird sometimes.

Domaldi gave chase, as did Calibre. I did not want Calibre running after lizards (the lizard guts might get into his internals... the maintenance work would be a jiggered gear smatch pile to sort out) Then Arek heard something and started heading off. I asked him what was going on, and he said Domaldi was yelling about a fight. It appeared Arek was going out, and I wasn't going to let him go into danger alone! I asked Calibre to carry me due to my short legs, and Calibre sprinted off.

We came upon a weird scene. The lizards turned out to be lizard folk, and two of their number were on the ground being cared for by a large group of other lizard folk. Domaldi and a bloody Inigo were talking to their leader, and soon it appeared that they wanted Inigo's head for the fighting that had happened. Domaldi and the leader began talking things over, and soon the leader demanded we disarm ourselves. The leader made it clear that if we didn't, the remaining lizard folk would rush our comrades back at the pillar and slaughter them.

Seeing no choice, I broke down my x-bow and asked Calibre to drop his maces.

Domaldi asked Inigo to disarm, and the leader said that Domaldi could represent Inigo at some kind of hearing. I tried to recover their weapons but the lizardfolk leader wouldn't have it.

Arek and I left Domaldi and Inigo to their fate, and returned to tell our comrades what had happened. We decided to give the lizard folk two days, or we were going to go rescue Domaldi. I owed that fanatic a debt.

Nimbus recovered the morning of the second day. Good thing the pillars had not done that to the rest of us. The morning of the third day came along, and as I was getting the x-bow primed, we came across Domaldi and Inigo. Inigo was covered in weird scars and blood, and we soon discovered that we had to go hunt something in the swamp to patch things up with the lizard folk.

A thought occurred to me "What were we trying to do here again???"

"The Jungle Tribes of Divinity"
A Campfire Tale by Thalazzar

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