Book One: Ordered by Gods

Riddles for Answers
Cuthberta Menteselunday, Mentedakarday & Mentemoraday

Found in the travelling journal of Frankie

Religion. What is it good for?? Healing Clockworks!!

So there I crouched, gathering up the smashed fragments of poor Calibre. My mind was racing for solutions that it was not trained to do. Namely, how to repair a clockwork.

This is one of those moments in time where an engineer's insecurities come back to haunt them.

A memory flashed to the surface: There I was, barely into twenty years of age trying to figure out advanced hydraulics formulae that I just KNEW were going to be on the family examination. It was one of the few times I had struggled, and it choose a poor time to haunt me. Grimacing, I focused on the issue at hand, and another memory surfaced. A gnome priest of the Constructor was giving us village kids a lesson on Clockwork mechanology, "...and remember students, divine magic will somewhat repair a clockwork, unless you ask the Constructor for specific repair guidance..."

That was it!

I tried to compose my features, and in a calm voice asked Domaldi to heal Calibre. He stepped forward, and for a moment I saw some doubt. He was a true religious fanatic, and he brushed it aside. Holy energies emanted from his fingers, and I saw Calibre's internals repair slightly! Wizbang-it! Functionality restored!

As Calibre came too, he yelled out "Ripplestick what are you doing?!" I filed the name away. When I dropped off Calibre in Peppershot to get repaired, I would have to ask the engineering council to conduct a member search in the annals about this Ripplestick...

Before we entered the caves, we thoroughly set up a blind so that the donkey and Calibre could rest up.

What followed was a long and agonizing search. After several hours I finally found a cleverly disguised secret door (I could just feel my dad rolling his eyes if he knew how I was putting my engineering schooling to use)

Inside we found a weapons storage, along with a hobgoblin that was missing it's better half. Hah! I managed to pick up some more crossbolts, but couldn't find anything of real use. My comrades also found identification, obviously meant to allow agents to infiltrate the Federation. Just wait until the Keepers come to sort them out! We also found a portal that Domaldi's poor dad tried to find. Good thing it isn't functioning too well.

The group pillaged the room, and we organized outside at the blind and returned to Göesse. It was super late when we got back, but I made sure Calibre was tucked in properly before crashing.

The next morning saw the return of Arek and Urban. They looked like a mess, but at least Arek came back ok. I followed the conversation for a bit, but it soon became heavily religious so I snuck out. I talked to Calibre for a bit and helped out with repairs and maintenance. Not seeing much else to do, and tired of the thrall module controlling the converstation, I headed out in a futile attempt to see if I could find anything pocket-worthy.

The day passed, and we set out for Salt Water Barrows. The trip was uneventful, until someone (something?) sent some kind of magic device to spy on Thalazaar. *Note to self: see if I can make a magic detector

We finally arrived at the barrows, only to be greeted by hungry Ogres (never seen an Ogre before, but Arek understood the grunts they were spewing from their drooling mouths) I began to feel despair kicking in. They looked so mean! I'm an engineer... my first two shots went astray in my indecision. Then a soothing presence entered my mind. It was almost as if Uncle Swapgears was in front of me again, "You showed that troll the business end of yer x-bow. Get shootin that xbow missie!"

I took calming breaths, released the safety inhibitors, and let loose. I even got one of the meanies in the head. Nasty! Domaldi went in shouting battle oaths, Nimbus went in reasoning, and Thalazaar unleashed a lot of small tiny, ah, blue skinned thingies that made shrieking noises and clawed away. They even tore into Domaldi for a short bit. I don't think I like this magic stuff! Even Calibre fired off some weird magic attacks. Good thing I told him to stay close by me.

Soon it was all over and everyone had survived.

Arek's Account of the Companion's Continuing Adventures

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