Book One: Ordered by Gods

Riddles for Answers

Cuthberta Menteselunday, Mentedakarday & Mentemoraday

Domaldi's Daily Journal

Cuthberta Menteselunday

After praying for guidance and thanks after our battle with the Troll, Frankie approached me and asked if I could heal Calibre. I did not know that I could do such a thing but bend my strength to the task. I said the Litany and focused on my Third Eye to channel the Power of Heironeous through to Calibre. I could feel its Lifeforce and I no longer doubt that it is truly a living creature. I will now add to my prayers that the Clever Frankie finds a way to release it from its Slavery so that it can achieve its true stature as a Warrior of Good. As Calibre awoke, it said "Ripplestick": clearly the name of some Gnome - more for the Mystery!

We made a blind for Pelu and Calibre and entered the Cave. It was exactly as I remembered until we reached the back where man-size creatures had been living since I was last here. There was some rotting remains and military style bedrolls but nothing to give any further clues to these new Actors in the Drama. We searched with all our skills for three hours until Frankie found a Secret Door. It led to an Armoury and a Magic Gate. Obviously a Hobgoblin Quartermaster had been moving weapons when the Ley Lines failed and has cut in half. Thalazzar was able to determine that this gate is not two-way but one in a daisy chain of locations; possibly a series of such equipment and weapons caches exist for some Foul Plot. This was only confirmed for as we searched, we found many documents for false identities in Kronos and the Federation, bank records and inventories. We further found a sack of gold and some gems. We are all able to re-arm and re-equip. My Father always said that to take the Sword of Your Enemy is twice the attack for half the work as it weakens him while it strengthens you. I am able to find a suit of chain mail and equipment to replace my travelling stores. Inigo and I claim two fine composite bows. I take the Hobgoblins long sword noting its superior craftsmanship. In the Armoury, there was a suit of Black Halfplate clearly belonging to Orkish officer. Such armour is not fit for me but the value it could fetch from a smith will strengthen us on our travels and deny it to this Cowardly Force.

We returned to Göesse with our Wounded and to rest for the night. I secured our Spoils and made a tithe to the Church of Plentok Veris in honour of their Generosity. I will make another to Heironeous when I next find a Temple.

Cuthberta Mentedakarday

After my morning prayers, I rose to learn that Arek and Urban had returned to Göesse. Arek told us that after we when to the Caves, they tracked the two agents of Jamhyria Theona'la through a swamp to a Temple of Sss'Rast. Inside they found one of the Agents dead and were attacked by Giant Frogs. They both fought heroically - Moradin is obviously also watching us as well as Heironeous. They found the Second Agent's body as well as a variety of holy symbols, documents and religious drugs. Most importantly they found the legendary "Final Text". It is truly a book of dark prophecy and portent. My Father, who survived the Lament, the Wars of Independence and killed a dozen Trolls single-handedly, would never speak to me of its contents. Woe that we must now study it openly. Tiberio was able to read it quickly and spoke of the One and an overthrow of All that we have now. Dangerous enough, but I know that Thalazzar's further studies will uncover further Sorrow that we will have to face. Among the things Arek brought back was a leather disk with Yithic writing: the word "Thal Vazar" (That's "Thala Xevar" - DM) and a spell.

What connection does it have with our mysterious Thalazzar?

Next, Arek spoke of empty cages by the Temple for a human and a bird. Feathers from that cage clearly match Tyconderoga before she was able to escape to Riots Gate. In the larger cage, scratches of "seven bells" - what was Tallum trying to tell us? Finally, Arek told us of a Band of Gnolls lead by Hynanegg that they fought and then by whom they were freed. As a result of this adventure, Arek is in need of rest and healing. The remainder of the day we prepare to go to the Salt Water Barrows.

Cuthberta Mentemoraday

We departed early for the Barrows and as we reached the start of them, we were attacked by four Ogres looking to eat us. Nimbus attempted to reason with them but it was to no avail. Tiberio once again played his fine Music to our Inspiration. Even after I called down the Power of Heironeous on the First and split it in two, they continued. As Thalazzar's magic and Arek's Unity worked on another, I was able to sever its leg. The others brought the Third low with their arrows and Calibre's magic. The Fourth ran off, seeking Reinforcements. We had already suffered at the hand of these Four, more would harm us unacceptably. While it stood, it was a Threat. It collapsed and was at our mercy. My Compassion demanded that I save its life: possibly Redemption was possible for this pitiful creature as well. Heironeous granted me the Power to heal it so I did, praying for its Redemption. I escaped this glorious battle with bruised ribs but Arek did receive a Mighty Blow. While these creatures were carrying some jewellery, Thalazzar's spells were unable to further enlighten us as to any magical properties. All will be learned in the course of time. Once we made a pyre of the bodies and searched, we returned on our Way.  

"Begone foul beasts for I will make
trophies of your spines!"
Domaldi's Battle Cry

An Account by Thalazzar

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