Book One: Ordered by Gods

Vengeance for the Keeper
Cuthberta Eosularday & Menteselunday

An account by Domaldi

Cuthberta Eosularday

As we began this day after the attack, Frankie was trying to steer the ship. Arek and I went below and found the ship was taking on so much water that the pumps themselves were submerged. We set up a rotation where one would pump while holding his breath and the other would recover. The latter would replace him on the pump and the other would then recover in a never-ending cycle. We later found that Thalazzar had given Urban a healing potion who promptly woke up and began organizing the cog to sail properly. I was pulled off the pump to properly trim the sails under Urban's direction. After four hours, we are within site of Goesse and a crew of its citizens take over the sailing duties. I don my armour and weapon and check on the Sauwagin. I find that it is dehydrating and so I dump water on it.

Thalazzar found a note in the Captain's cabin while he was searching for maps and sailing instructions. The note said that a fisherman with a red flag would meet the Lusty Wench in Goesse to take possession of a crate. The crate in the cog contained an inactive clockwork that Frankie began reviving. The concept of a sentient being sold as a commodity causes the Party to react with strong Anger. Thalazzar is so fired up that he begins intimidating Urban. We learn that the Captain was looking for a good pay off from something that he did not share with the crew. It seems clear that Urban knew nothing of this Crime.

As we were coming into the dock in Goesse, Arek told me that he was hearing Moradin faintly again. I pray on deck and faintly hear Hieroneous. I am so jubilant until Tiberio pulls me aside. He said that he believes that the One has moved between us and our gods and it might mean that there is a Battle for the Cosmos within which we are fighting. While I agreed with him that his theory was plausible, the magnitude of it is daunting.

We met with Festerelis, the half-elf headman of Goesse. We brought him on board and show him the Clockwork and explain to him the events of the last few days. That clever Frankie is able to activate Calibre the Clockwork. It had 4 arms, 6 eyes and was 6'4". It was a creation of clever construction and devious intent: a creature forged to do battle and it only wanted to serve, made to serve. Frankie explained that it was a newborn with a thrawl module that enslaves its will. It appears that it was built with the purpose of combat and underwater operations. Luckily it was found by Frankie, its new mistress.

We take the Sauwagin to the town gaol and prepare a small pool of water for it. We planned to question it after it recovers and we have rested. We collected in the town hall for a palaver with Festerelis and a meal. We explained the troubles with the Sauwagin, the Clockwork and Riots Gate. In attendence was Stanislaw the dwarven cleric of Plentok Veris for this region. Festerelis tells us that a few days ago three strangers appeared in town separately and did not interact with the townsfolk much. Since we had arrived, two of them could not be found. He produced the one stranger who had not fled: a competent looking mercenary named Inigo Tarrega. As I listen to the Paen of Hieroneous in my mind I know this man is not evil. It was certainly a stark contrast the scream in my mind caused by the nearby Sauwagin.

I hope Father is correct about Redemption and Mercy. As Festerelis questions him, I take the measure of this man. While not wealthy, he had a noble bearing and the balance of a fighter. He carries two swords and gestures like a duelist. We learned that Inigo had been travelling across the Continent including Jamhyria Theona'la making a living as a mercenary and was seeking the Elvish Lunar Temple north of Lake Sular where Nimbus had trained. He bears an amulet that Nimbus explained was a token indicating we could trust Inigo. From that point, we began to trust him with our Council. Inigo tells us that the other two strangers were clearly from Jamhyria Theona'la. He had seen one of them flee down the beach to the South. I give my messages from the Temple of Hieroneous to Stanislaw and he explains that an acolyte will go with haste to Forward Advance with the messages and word of the Sauwagin.

Next, Inigo, Thalazzar and I tried to track that Stranger in Town. One of the local fishermen had seen him, but it does not look like He Will Be Back Around. He apparently Left Without a Sound.

Nimbus and Tiberio searched the tents where the strangers stayed. They talked to Latja and said they spoke to the fishermen Isabi and Pellas. Frankie and Calibre were able to acquire equipment for our upcoming Journey to the Caves.

Nimbus and Tiberio went to the Sauwagin and learned that it spoke Common. It spoke with great hatred towards humans and said we were "all price, no pride" and that "the Wall will Fall". This Strike into the Federation cannot be Random. Possibly it is part of some attempt by the Sauwagin to gain advantage over Jamhyria Theona'la using the Calibre. We arrange for the Sauwagin to be guarded until a Keeper can take possession of It.

Cuthberta Menteselunday

We woke early and proceeded up the Trail to the Caves. I was able to guide my Friends easily up the Trail even though I was deep in thought. Just a fortnight ago I walked up this Trail with my Father as we sang the Paen of Hieroneous. My Path was so clear so short a time ago. Now I am Adrift.

The Caves of Goesse were exactly as I remembered. The Smell was unmistakable. I cautioned my Friends as we reached the Top and saw the cave entrance. As we spread out, a Troll attacked from the stream. I cursed my luck as I was the farthest away as it struck. It hit Inigo and lunged for Frankie. Calibre advanced to protect her as I rushed to attack. I thought it would be over before I could spill its Blood. It was but not like I had expected. Calibre was reduced to a heap of metal in seconds. As Nimbus drew its attack, I drove in and delivered a Mighty Blow uttering a curse as I struck. The others were firing on it relentlessly and it went down. Then it stood up again and we knocked it down. I had heard of the foul regeneration of trolls but never believed it. That Father struck down twelve of these Beasts was a staggering Feat of Arms even I could not appreciate. As it went down again, I saw Victory. I set myself and delivered the coup de grace to sever its head. As the Troll finally Fell, I felt deeply Remorseful. I looked at Nimbus and saw that he too understood my feelings.

As we healed our wounded and Frankie tried to save Calibre, I gathered my thoughts. I stepped to the side and engaged in prayer. The Remorse was profound and clearly caused by striking down a "helpless" foe. But it was not helpless was it? It was not defeated but only weakened by our attack. To have delayed further would have possibly invited the death of another of my Companions. I believe that my Remorse came from my Lust for Vengeance and Revenge. I forgot the Face of my Father. The Act was not wrong: I broke no Code written or otherwise. I killed with my heart as I was taught, but for the wrong reason.

An Account by Thalazzar

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