Book One: Ordered by Gods

Out of Riot's Gate
Cuthberta Eodakarday, Eomoraday & Eofreeday

*Found in Frankie's travelling journal
Believed to be recorded under the stars on the beach south of Göesse*

Worst boat ride ... EVER!

Through teary eyes I find myself recording the past few days in my traveller's journal. So much has happened!

Leaving Riot's Gate was a blessing. Not only were the Unspoken threatening my Uncle to reveal my whereabouts, but they also likely behind trying to frame me with Dream possession. What a bunch of manufacturer-rejects!

At the very least my uncle helped me with my resignation. I truly hope my Dad will not be TOO upset with me!

My companions found a boat to Göesse, and the boat ride started out fine enough. Besides having to put up with a drunk captain, the rest of the crew were all business. They even appreciated the new winching system I set up for them.

Then everything went into the junkyard.

During the second night, Arek failed to notice that some sahuagin had snuck aboard. They managed to slaughter almost every single crewmember except for Urban. I woke up with a sahuagin right beside my cot. Good thing my jumpsuit is comfortable enough to wear to bed!

The following fight almost saw us dead! I even had to get a bite disinfected! Yucky! Unfortunately the leader got away, but we managed to subdue a soldier sahuagin.

As most things go, the question of what to do this this foul creature caused great discussion amongst us. Thalazaar and I were all for putting it down, while the others' wanted it to be kept alive... perhaps even allowed to flee?!?! Tiberio was unconscious from the fight, which was too bad since his solutions to these debates tend to work out good.

Frankie's ongoing tale!

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