Book Four: Paean of Iron Bells
CHAPTER ONE: Burying a Friend

Verisa Umberfreeday

SUMMARY: The heroes return to Peppershot for Frankie's interment. They find that Calibre has arrived, having been informed by Woden of Frankie's death. While in the throws of Dream withdrawal, Thalazzar has received a visit from Woden. Tallim and the Daisy Cutter have gone with him to Riot's Gate. During the funeral, the assembly is attacked by a Marut Inevitable and several winged Nephilim. They attempt to retrieve the clockwork puzzlebox that is Frankie's urn.

Frankie's Funeral

While Finbell and the Boddyjons plays a respectful dirge...

It has been overcast all day. There is a cool wind blowing across the valley, kicking up bits of crystallized snow.

Frankie has been cremated as apart of the preparation of her mortal remains for internment. They have been placed in a mechanical box especially designed for her. Four family members (Klick and Klack, Fizzerbig and Billybontelle) will each have a hand in designing it. On (DAY 94) Frankie will be interred in the Family Vault in the Great Workshop that lies beneath Peppershot.

High Priestess of the Duality, Acolyte of the Constructor, Bubalo Spiroscope, begins her sermon in Naurie, letting the crowd know that she will continue in Common for the benefit of Frankie's companions.


TS'ELF: “I am new to this world and I am not familiar with its ways. Frankie was a friend and guide to me... a good friend. She kept me functioning well... a good friend.”

JANARL: “Go on the wings of a Raven, Earth Friend. ”

CALIBRE: “Frankie performed the greatest service anyone can perform for a priest of Cable the Liberator - she freed me. ”

SHADOWCOG: Says nothing, but casts a spell (prestidigitation) summoning a life-like figure of Frankie to the proceedings. She wears a look of despair.

Holding Frankie's clockwork puzzlebox urn, Bubalo speaks to the assembled: “That which is made can be unmade. That which is unmade can be made again. That which is built comes apart. That which comes apart can be built again. Life is material in motion, animated by will.

“Skills can mend flesh. Spells can call the dead back to life. Choice and Will, however, are the ultimate arbiters of all construction… of all destruction.”

The skies are darkening.

“I am told that Frankie grew to have an ambivalent relationship with religion. She developed doubts as she travelled and questioned morality in a world such as this. Dearheart,” she smiles as she clutches the urn closer – “Doubt and questions are the very stuff that animate the Duality. Without them, nothing would be made. Nothing would be taken apart. Without them, faith would cease to exist.”

There is an unseasonal peel of thunder. Something is not right.

“There is nothing unmade (looking at Shadowcog) that cannot be remade...”

A flash of lightening strikes the Clocktower with shocking violence. In the clearing dust and smoke, winged humanoids can be seen circling the Clocktower. They have white feathered wings and brandish flaming swords. Standing upon the top of the Clocktower where the lightning struck, a large construct clad in golden armour surveys the crowd below. Its burning eyes lock onto Bubalo and it enters a predator's crouch. It leaps off the Clocktower and hits the ground with another peel of thunder. A mild tremor shudders out ward from the point of impact. This is creature of unwavering committment to enforcing the Old Laws of Order. A Marut Inevitable has arrived, and Sentar recoils at its touch...


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