Book Four: Paean of Iron Bells
CHAPTER ONE: Assembling the Companions

Verisa Umberdakarday - Umbermoraday

DM's Description


Shadowcog dreams of a Great Gold Dragon. It is speaking to her mother.

Mnemonium Speaks to Frankie

“I have dreamt of you Child of Kith. Shall I tell you of my dream?”

“I awoke in a world I did not know. I bled from a thousand holes ripped into body as though a swarm of steel locusts had ripped between my scales. I stood before a great doorway, and I knew that soon I would leave this world forever. Soon there will be no room for dragons. No room for anything, not even Sentar.

“You came towards me with brass eyes and a sunset. Are you left handed?”

Frankie answered “No.”

“I thought so/not, you used your right to pluck out the shot.

“When the last one was gone, your arms were blue with blood, your face a shade of jade. (LEFT hand) you wiped something from your face leaving a mark across the left side of your face.

“‘The world is changing’, you say, ‘Ever has it changed,’ I respond.

“‘I do not want the world to end,’ you told me plainly. To this I had no immediate answer, though I remember thinking clearly, ‘nor do I, nor do I.’” Mnemonium’s voice trails off…

“Then I told you…

“I told you, no to let it end.”

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