Book Four: Paean of Iron Bells
CHAPTER ONE: Assembling the Companions

Verisa Umberdakarday - Umbermoraday

Account by Janarl

Verisa Umberdakarday

There was a chill in the air and it was quite quiet even though the many citizens of the Gnomish Peppershot were walking around. They were likely mourning the passing of their beloved Linkosplitzit. Madness! These scenes are impossible and yet so natural. So much had changed even in a few days.

A week ago, my father’s path drew me back under the Wall away from Novo Enclavas in spite of all my instincts. Who did I meet under the Wall? None other than Nimbus! But not Nimbus at the same time. The T’Kel are swimmers. How can I do anything but swim with the currents in this Prophecy?

It was a bittersweet reunion as Linkosplitzit was beyond the Styx, Nimbus returned from the dead and transformed into a living force of Sentar, Tiberio missing, Thallazar even more distant and bitter, Rin killed and resurrected and now wielding mechanical limbs and T’Self the Mechanican Man now more ‘alive’ and self-aware – a weapon of inconceivable destructiveness built solely to harm the Kiu-deos (the T’kel name for the One – a god of madness).

Nimbus came to us and we held a palaver. Separated for less than two months and so much had changed for all of us. Nimbus spoke as a prophet, the founder of the Conclave of Voices. The Conclave seeks to collect the stories from various races of Sentar because only together can all races stand against the Kiu-deos. I again pledged my bow, Scorpion’s Tail, to the Companions.

After our talk, we ate and re-stocked. These gnomes had everything I needed for supplies and arrows and all for a cost that T’self happily paid. He also gave me a magnificent set of leather armour and a magical ring for my protection.

Verisa Umbermoraday

Nimbus asked that we go to Kronos to track down an artist named Hashar with some connection to Arek. A journey of a month made in the blink of an eye by the magic of another new companion of Nimbus, a Horselord! That I have lived to see one only whispered in bedtime tales.

Kronos was like nothing I had ever seen. A city of amil kili (stone dwellers) grubbing for their wealth by any means possible except actually mining Sentar for it. Buildings of stone so tall like mountains and yet sentients in such poverty they did not have their hands on their next meal. Gold moving around like water and the smells of thousands of unwashed. That I would live to see such madness! Sights and sounds beyond anything I could have imagined in the Enclave.
We made our way to Hashar’s mansion and his doorman was a golem fashioned from paint. This construct took us to Hashar’s inner sanctum having known we would arrive. This sanctum was a different plane: hot and barren. We made our way to this artist standing in front of a ruin of an arch, painting a canvas wildly and talking as a madman.

We are set upon by giant quilled dogs, Howlers. As we fought them off, Hashar screamed that his gate was completed. Suddenly, a tentacle beast appeared with an older ba rital amil battling wildly. I struck down one of the Howlers to cover the young orc warrior Gringash. As I struck another, the sight of the tentacled monstrosity unnerved all of us. I ran from the creature ahead of Gringash and Rin. Only by Nimbus’ calming aura did we not all come unhinged.

As we turned, ashen and sore, to rejoin our Companions, I saw Shadowcog cast paralyzing magic on the monster. Arek called on the power of Moradin and drove Unity into its skull, killing it instantly. Our shouts of victory were drowned out by the eruption of the nearby volcano. As we began to leave, Hashar was crushed by falling debris.

We fled the eruption and went to the Kronos Libriohenaeum with a venerable Arek and his partner, Grutt Pitchmonger. Dealing with the Master of the Stacks, Arianna, we leanred that the banking documents found upon Agents of the Jamahyria were part of a scheme to conceal money in the mud used for evil. We asked that “Xinal Delikchar” be researched due to a connection to Hashar.

We found a quite room and ba rital amil spoke of those days since I last saw him. Trapped in the monsterous dwelling of Jagi Roga (T’kel’s mythological name for Baba Yaga), Arek spoke of a room where the Stone Druids taught him many secrets. The cost of this knowledge was truly centuries of his life. He spoke of Axes Bithat as a weapon to slow the One. Arek went under Axes Bithat with Grutt and ascended to a gate where they fought the monster.

We decided that Rin and Shadowcog would go the bank to withdraw the money mentioned in the documents. We expected that two dossiers were required but learned that it was changed to three. That person would meet us two days later – clearly a trap.
We returned to Peppershot on Freeday to have Hashar resurrected.

Burying a Friend