Book Three: Slouching Towards Eudaemonia
CHAPTER FIVE: The Battle of the Thala Sanat

Weejasa Claireselunday

Baba Yaga's Last Word

“The Seer, Mohadir, has decided to stay a while in my hut. He regrets his rude behaviour and wishes to learn to be kinder to old Babaushkas.

“Music, Tiberio unlocks men’s hearts. It is the path through the labyrinth of memory. It is the language of Hope!

“Do not be sad. We will meet again I think, Tiberio. Though next time, it is you who will seek Baba Yaga. I am the path to many worlds.”

“To live is to do battle with troll-folk in the crypts of mind and heart. To write is to sit in judgment on oneself.” – You should do more writing Tiberio.

The crone is there, mounted atop a man-sized pestle, a mortar in one hand and a branch of Lake Range spruce in the other. She hovers above the ground and swoops through the air with incongruous agility.

(*CACKLE*) “Thank you, brave heroes, for delivering your Baba unto the Heart of the Order. Now, let us see what we can learn; let us see what the One has in store for Baba Yaga!”

When she leaves, dusk falls suddenly, then night and dawn. Finally, daylight returns.


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