Book Three: Slouching Towards Eudaemonia
CHAPTER FIVE: The Battle of the Thala Sanat

Weejasa Claireselunday

Sroasa Aesma Daeva
Agent of the Unspoken

Operating out of Valparaiso, Sroasa is actually a native of the lands below the Wall. He is on a mission to determine the fate of the Companions and, if necessary, to find Tallim Nuvam or at least to discover her fate.

The agent known to the Companions first as Freeman Pikket, and later as Sub-Inquisitor Quinn disappeared in an interplanar event several weeks ago. Like you, he was a member of a semi-renegade organization within the Unspoken called “The Unseen Hand.” The UH trusts no one but its own agents and operatives and it has its own, largely self-directed, agenda. It is committed to rooting out those “unseen” threats to the Federation that always work in the shadows, such as Agents of the Order, Gods and their spawn, Extraplanar Daemons, the Nephilim, the Inbetween Men, and even other rogue Agents of the Unspoken. Pikket was prepared to treat the Companions as operatives for the Unseen Hand, so are you.

When Pikket disappeared, a shard of sword fell into your hands. It had belonged to the father of the fallen Heironean Knight, Domaldi Justinian. One half lies in the hands of the Companions. The Companions believe their half was enchanted to indicate to Pikket when they returned to the Federation’s side of the Wall, that he might search them out and debrief him on the Order. In truth, it was enchanted to act as a scrying device to monitor the Companion’s activities. This did not always work reliably in the lands below the Wall, but so be it. A month ago, the scry went completely dead. The UH decided to make a move themselves.

You have infiltrated a mercenary mission organized by Magnus Móhr, an Orindian Prince in exile, to find his half sister, Woden’s former apprentice, Tallim Nuvam. She had been the Companion’s objective. The Unspoken does not believe Mohr is any friend of the Federation, even though he has moved to Cauldron and now holds a Senate seat for Dakar Province (he was elected during the hasty by-elections held to replace those who died during the Independence Day Disaster). The Unspoken have been unable to move against him as he such a slick operator. The Unspoken has never undertaken political assassination within the Federation, and even under the current circumstances is not about to break the taboo.

Ironically, you are an assassin by trade. You have not yet had to use your skills to do anything other than prove yourself to Magnus Móhr’s band of ruffians and mercenaries. This has meant a couple open murders and one or two that were not so overt.

A Trudorean mercenary named Guthbrand is in charge of the mission. His colleagues are a ½ Orc Sorcerer, Haaurk , and an Elven Ranger-Rogue named Valandil. Valandil is a Windhome Elf and a member of the Elven National Movement (N.M.E.) – he is openly hostile to the Federation. Only Guthbrand purportedly knows who is bankrolling the mission, Hauurk and Valandil were his first hires. Many theories abound amongst the mercs, most of them patently absurd. Whoever Guthbrand answers to, they have very deep pockets and intelligence to rival the Unspoken themselves. You have reason to believe that a number of these mercenaries have connections to Gallant.

These men plan to attack a Theonean War Barge on which Tallim is being transported from Eudaemonia to the Pillars. Some deception is intended. A majority of the Mercenaries have been issued potions of gaseous form. Mad though they may be, this group is also quite competent and to be taken seriously.

Baba Yaga's Last Word

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