Book Three: Slouching Towards Eudaemonia
CHAPTER FIVE: The Battle of the Thala Sanat

Weejasa Claireselunday

Account by Nimbus

In the time after the past I had visited through the in-between, it was in the maelstrom of consciousness that I found myself drifting. I was not sure if the in-between men had brought me there or if I had always been there but now with my spirit severed from its mortal shell. Either way, I felt lost and lonely and yet comforted by the multitude of life’s echoes. I knew I still was, however I had none of my usual sense to guide me. There was no light or darkness, no sound or silence, no taste, no smell, no tactile sensations. I could however feel the presence of countless others as we move past or through each other, sensing for a brief moment each other’s emotional states. The feeling was unnerving as the chaotic nature of life’s stream assaulted my senses of calm and peacefulness. This is when I realized that life is at its most fundamental nature an inherent fear; a bonding feeling between predator and prey. It is the competition between the anticipation of one creature versus the fear of another; a perfect harmony between bliss and bane.

I wondered in this stream with no sense of time, if indeed it existed in this place. I encountered all types of creatures here: Aberrations, animals, constructs, dragons, elementals, fey, giants, humanoids, magical beasts, monstrous humanoids, oozes, outsiders, plants and vermin. I was however most surprised by the presence of undead here. I had believed their existence to be opposed to the very natural cycle of life. Perhaps undead are but a pause in the cycle of life, forced into being by shear will.

Eventually I came to the shores of life; a place where the stream could no longer take me. I soon realized that beyond this lake lied the void we know simply as the One. I could sense its presence, its forward movement, stalking the multitude, devouring any morsels it could corner! United by our common fear, life battled with the One, holding its ground. As long as each was protected by others, the One was powerless. It was here that undead and fey, aberrations and plants, indeed all of life’s creatures fought side by side. Only a single dwarven soul was lost in the entire battle. All I could think about at that moment was Arek and Unity. This moment was critical however because fear spread throughout the defenders and threatened to crack the tight ranks between the soldiers of life. A feeling as though all dwarves had been eradicated that moment rained down despair upon me and indeed all was almost lost. However as the battle played out the One was repelled, pushed back and cornered like a prey, powerless against our unity. I knew my purpose on Sentar was not finished yet. The One could be halted and Sentar’s instincts for survival would not succumb easily to it.

With new determination I left the stream and found myself in a new body back on Sentar. Much had changed. This new body looked like the old one except that it lacked life! I felt warm to the touch but I could not feel my heart beating or any blood coursing through my body. I could hear and see around myself but could not feel, smell or taste anything. I was apparently caught in very center of a sand vortex. While peaceful at its core an awesome display of Sentar’s fury lashed out all around. As the sand storm subsided, an epic battle between floating war barges came to view. I could sense my companions near by as well as the remains of Rin.

The main barge under attack had been plowed into the sand by another war ship and was held up on a dune or sand. Massive chains extended from the front sides of the barge and extended out across the sand to huge worms of burden. Moving quickly but unable to run, I made for the companions. Many rows of huge worms had to be traversed, their mouths gaping with razor sharp teeth. One of the creatures bit my arm as I tumbled forward across the sand nearly tearing it off. Almost instantly I could feel the power of Sentar flowing to my arm slowly rebuilding it. Extending my inner calm outward the beasts parted for me. As I continued toward the barge one of the beasts turned and began talking to me. He spoke of a great rebellion and asked if the time had come. Not to sure what to say I assured him that the time was surely upon us and went on my way. [D.M.- Tallim explains later that the creature must have been a Moreau, a Fycado that has not lost its intelligence or humanity, despite its twisted breeding. The rebellion it spoke of may have been an uprising planned by the Moreau-Cainen, Ezh-ire, or it could have been a larger Moreau-revolt]

Ignoring the battle taking place all over the barge I made my way to and passed the companions reaching the remains of my faithful protector. This was a soul that was ready to give his life for another; his work on Sentar was not yet finished either. Gathering up his bones I realized I had nothing else in my possession so I used the clothing from a fallen warrior. I knew I had only one purpose left in this battle; help my companions rescue the Orinidish Princess Tallim Nuvam. I suspected she was much more important than a mere princess. Stories would surely someday be told of her as grand as those bestowed upon the Red Rider. The companions did indeed find and rescue Tallim and also had to rescue me, having gotten entangled in a magical slithering mass of black oily tentacles. We fled as legions of soldiers poured into the hull of the ship. Up on the deck we climb to the safety of the gnomish flying ship.

Finally having a few moments to gather my thoughts, I meditated on the task ahead and tried to divine the purpose Sentar have laid out for me. I knew I was to lead the companions through a portal to a place called Earth, apparently the original garden from which Sentar was seeded. However I knew also that I need to depart from my companions for a time in order to plant some seeds of my own upon Sentar.

So long as Life Remains,
So long as the Last Dream exists,
I too shall reamin to sow its seeds,
Across time and space.

G rain of Sentar


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