Book Three: Slouching Towards Eudaemonia
CHAPTER FIVE: Fear & Justice

Moradina Mentesularday

The God and the Grey

The portal glows with the light of an alien world. As Rin, Ts'elf and Tiberio approach, they hear bells.

The place you see is a world, frozen. The sun circles in the sky, never setting above a barren arctic terrain.

In the distance, you see the outline of a small settlement. There is a foreign (slightly alchemical) smell about the air. The Red Rider gallops toward the town.

A creature stands beside you. Short, naked, grey skinned, and thin limbed with a large hairless head. A universe of stars shimmers in its lidless black eyes. It speaks to you inside your own head.

Seven notes ring. The begin to repeat so quickly, they begin that they begin to sound like the drone of a cicada on a hot summer day. Then, the drone forms a voice.

“Take heed, Heroes of Sentar.

“The God of Justice, the one you know as the Red Rider, is not native to Sentar. He was brought here. As were your distant ancestors. You see his avatar riding there now, riding to ward the home to which he can never return. The settlement is remote, even by the standards of his crowded world. It is called Cuthbert Lake.

“Baba Yaga herself is also from the Red Rider’s world. She emerged from the ancient nightmares of its inhabitants. A side effect, but a potent and uncontrollable one, like so much else upon Sentar. As such, she and her hut are something of a portal, though not a permanent one, between these worlds. She may traverse through the Dream of Sentar… the planet’s memory. It is what you know as the Cradle of Creation. It is all that remains of the First Tree.

“Heroes of Sentar, listen to the Orindish woman. She understands more than she knows. This is not your gate to traverse. You must find the being who would become the gateway to this world to you. You, his protector, must come to the place that the portal can be opened. For the sake of all that is, all that has been and all that will be, you must.”


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