Book Three: Slouching Towards Eudaemonia
CHAPTER FIVE: Fear & Justice

Moradina Mentesularday

DM's Introduction

You stand at the mouth of a hallway that looms, twisting and dark, behind you. Directly opposite you, across a vast and chamber of Steel Stone there is a glowing portal opening upon a world engulfed in sand. When you stare directly into it, it is as though you are standing on the opposite side of that portal, on a creaking sand barge of prodigious size, the desiccated husk of Rin’s body at your feet. When you turn to look at your companions, you are back in the Cradle of Creation.

Rin stands beside you, his mouth agape. Arek is nowhere to be seen. Mohadir is gone. There is no sign of Baba Yaga or her Hut.

The chamber itself is different from the first that some of you entered upon in the original Dream of Horrors, so long ago, but it is unmistakably the same sort of place. The rough hewn walls look like the imprint of bark on stone. The chamber floor swells and rolls unevenly to defy any suggestion of deliberate design. Countless halls and corridors branch off wildly into other mysterious dark places. Elsewhere, along the walls, spaced even above your reaching, the gate-frames of other portals are carved, though they open to nothing but rockface.

Not far from the single shining portal opening upon the world of swirling sand, a woman stands.

Tallim Nuvam. Princess of Orindo.

“You’re too late! I looked for you everywhere! I’d given up hope so many times! Look, the Theonean sand barge, out there, is under attack!”

You hear the distant though chillingly familiar sound of hooves galloping on cobblestone. Mounted on a black horse, the Red Rider appears bolting down one of the corridors. He wears no armour, but only a Red military uniform, a jacket with brass buttons. He has leather greaves and a hat to block out the sun. A quizzical look pains his face. He surveys the room and looks upon you and asks you: What is justice?

TALLIM: “Justice is an ideal we may only achieve in striving towards it. It does not exist in the realization of the ideal so much as it does in the striving itself. If we abandon its pursuit, if we abandon the path, then we abandon justice.”

RIN: “Aye. Justice isn't guaranteed though. You must be willing to fight for it. It is up to each and every person to be aware of it and to ensure its delivery.”

TIBERIO: “Justice is giving to each his due. It flows from true law, which is right reason consonant with nature. ”

TS'ELF: “Justice is when those who initiate a harm upon another, are themselves subject to an equivanent harm, such that they learn the error of their ways.”


FRANKIE: “Justice can mean many things among many societies and races, but among my people they are a set of laws that must be supported. Otherwise justice becomes corrupt and abandoned.”

He listens for a time, but seems only to grow more confused, the longer you talk. He reins his horse towards a closed portal and peers in. A dull blue glow comes from within. He turns to look at you again. “This, I remember…”

The slathering slap of tentacles and the gnashing of chitinous teeth now echo off the walls, and of a sudden the chamber is filled with a familiar horror.

Role for initiative

Tallim's Story

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