Book Three: Slouching Towards Eudaemonia
CHAPTER FOUR: Baba Yaga's Hut

Moradina Mentedakarday - Mentesularday

Tiberio & Baba Yaga - Snippets of Conversation

“My dear Tiberio, don't you realize that this is the part in our tale
when the brave heroes meet an old crone in the wilderness? The crone offers them
the tools they need to complete their quest by journeying into the sublime depths;
by journeying into themselves.”

“That is why I like you Tiberio. You are so gloomy.”

Tiberio asks Baba Yaga to tell a story. She tells of Zeus's death, the turmoil of the Olympians, Artemis's wrath and Apollo's sorrow. Artemis has disappeared into the Order to avenge herself against the One for Zeus's end. Apollo knows this is folly and wants her to come back. Baba Yaga has little time for "the Multitude" of gods and their machinations, but she clearly despises the One most of all. When her tale ends, she declares: “At last, even the beginning and the end disappear. A mote point in the vast sublime seems to grow. In truth, all else shrinks around it; becomes a part of it. Everything that ever mattered, stops. This is how the world ends. There is not even a whimper. The whale, like all things that are mighty, wears a false brow to the common world.”

“Remember the tales of the fey that kidnap young children in the night? The lovely irony is that they were not stories though they were not fey – but now, because of those stories, the fey are, as is all else that governs their defiance. How can I not admire them even as I despise them?”

“Sentar is everything that has ever mattered. The universe is made of stories, not atoms.”

In response to Tiberio's claim that the universe is made of "matter in motion": “The Universe used to be made of matter in motion - not much of that is left. What's left that matters is made of stories.”

Baba Yaga's Offer

This is what I offer - a path that may lead directly to she whom you seek, as long as it does not.

Enter my hut,
and see what ye find.
The End of your quest
Or the beginning of mine?

The deeper you go
The more you risk
The more you risk
The more you lose
The more you lose
The more you stand to gain

The price may be dear,
The rewards may be great.
But Doom is assured
For none escape Fate.

The deeper you travel, the more unstable reality becomes

Where you emerge depends on where you have been, where you are going, and whether you are up to the challenge

The Companions are left to decide... enter the Hut or leave the glade and continue their journey as they have!

Before Tiberio passes through the darkness into the Hut, Baba Yaga grabs his arm and wheezes,
“We will meet again, I think, Tiberio di Talento. Next time, however, it is you who will come looking for me.
There are other worlds than this - I am treacherous but very few can dance inbetween.”


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