Book Three: Slouching Towards Eudaemonia
CHAPTER THREE: Othersiders

Moradina Eosularday - Menteselunday

Mohadir's Vision

Everything becomes one. ‘One’ is the wrong word. It implies an objective standpoint form which to judge. There is no objective standpoint separate from the One. Everything becomes Everything Else. The singularity is. Then it begins to fall apart. It splits in two, those halves split again and so on until there are innumerable fragments. Infinite. It is difficult to know what is more terrifying – the One or the Multitude.

An eye opens, an eye closes.

A universe is destroyed, a universe is created.

An eye opens. It does not close. It is a woman’s eye. She is breathing fast. She is trapped. She is being chased. She is being carried. She’s been caged. She is losing hope.

Her captors slouch under her weight. Her life is in danger.

They make their way, slouching towards Eudaemonia. She is the missing piece in a puzzle.

The eye does not close. It cannot. Something is keeping it open. Something new is beginning.

Othersiders are coming!

Frankie Take Charge!

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