Book Three: Slouching Towards Eudaemonia
CHAPTER THREE: Othersiders

Moradina Eosularday - Menteselunday

DM's Introduction

You stand amidst the smoldering ruins of the RAD camp as dawn’s first light reveals the extent of the slaughter you have brought upon the revolutionaries. They fought hard, this ragtag group of soldiers, but you fought smart. Janarl’s ambush worked almost completely as planned. The RAD leaders, however, appear to have fled and will live to fight another day.

Janarl and Glaconer departed an hour ago. Before he left, Glaconer advised you how to find the tiny camp of Al-Gleasahl. He calls it, “A jungle outpost that has overstayed its welcome.” It is apparently a site where the RAD can find some R&R during their constant patrols and its loyalties are as loose as the border in this region. It lies slightly to the south.

The ambush was launched with a terrifying, howling song from Tiberio that none of you will soon forget. Now, however, Tiberio is nowhere to be found. Arek and Thalazzar are preparing to depart to track him down, to determine his fate. The charmed Allan-ahs also disappeared during the fray. Like Tiberio, his body is nowhere to be found.

If Al-Gleasahl is indeed where the party decides to go, then he would prefer to stay out of sight. Arek has shown you where to leave a marker for him regarding your plans.

A Seer's Vision

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