Book Three: Slouching Towards Eudaemonia
CHAPTER THREE: Othersiders

Moradina Eosularday - Menteselunday

According to Frankie

Waking up in the jungle greeted me with another hot and humid morning. We gathered up together for a quick breakfast, noticing that Tiberio had gone missing. Arek and Thalazar decided to head off after him, leaving the three of us. Arek asked us to leave markings for him on the way we went. I agreed too, but looked at all the trees around us and thought to myself, "Maybe Janarl could find the markings I leave"

Since we had a bit of time on our hands, I decided to scavenge the remains of the construct. That being done, our small party ventured to a nearby "village" called Al-Gleasahl, that was more of a hangout for disgruntled locals that didn't want to pick sides in the ongoing war. Our trip went relatively smooth (considering that none of us really knew our way) and came upon this village to see a man about to undergo a stoning.

We crept up as close as we could, and Ts'elf translated that the condemned man was going to be stoned for uttering falsehoods. Unfortunately for us, he began to describe the three of us to a T... so we decided to intervene. And when I say "we", I should mention that it was my decision. Somehow Rin and Ts'elf decided to nominate me as defacto leader, so I led.

Next thing I know, we got swept into a nearby inn under the "protection" of Ataraxia. After conversing with him, I gathered two things. He seemed greedy, but also very protective of his family. I hoped that his family would win out for him.

I also let slip about where we were going. Hopefully RAD gets their hands on this information, we could use any distractions when we try to get into the capital to end this business.

The man about to be stoned, Mohadir, turned out to be one of the original residents of the desert before the Monotheocratic Order began to hunt his people down. After speaking to him, he seemed to be quite the accomplished liar. However, a lot of what he spoke had the ring of truth. As well, he didn't seem to be able to control when his divinations occured (the real ones). I was able to determine from observation that he was specialized in divine magicks of the divination school.

So, one thing lead to another, and the three of us agreed to investigate a derelict mill that a foreigner wizard inhabited. Apparently citizens were going missing and that locale was the likely location of where these incidents were occurring from. Ataraxia sent a stooge with us to ensure that he got his share of whatever we came across. After leaving the inn on the sly, our group decided, that when opportunity presented itself, to knock-out the stooge to make our getaway. The innkeeper's greed was pretty apparent for selling us, especially Ts'elf. However, we also agreed that we should help the village out of this predicament if we could. It didn't seem the Monotheocratic Order or RAD were going too.

We reached the mill without incident, and after a brief discussion we entered. The first thing that greeted us was the site of a malfunctioned summoning circle. BAD sign. From there we went to the basement and found some poor villagers undergoing some kind of transformation. None of us knew how to cure them, and no one in the village was going to help them (or us), so we put them out of their misery.

From there we went up to the top room, and found the remains of the dead wizard. We became even more paranoid than before, and soon some blue skinned toad thing jumped us. It tore apart Ataraxis's stooge, and managed to bite me before we ended it.

Having had enough of this village, we gathered what we could from the wizard's possessions. As we descended from the top room, we saw that RAD had formed up a squad outside. We barricaded ourselves in, and managed to find a secret door leading out in the basement. We lit a fire and made our escape.

By this time I already felt something growing inside me, and it was not taking it's time. Ts'elf said he had an idea for a cure, so he got to work on that. I tried to keep my mind off of it by reading the dead wizard's spell book. Eventually Ts'self managed to create a scroll that removed the parasite that was growing inside of me. A lot of fun to be had in a smoky crawlspace tunnel, let me tell you.

Not wanting to wait around any longer, we made our escape from the village (still not knowing where we were going). As we ventured into the jungle, howls began to rip through the air. Our new companion, Mohadir, began to panic and said the creatures howling were the Cainen. Men twisted into the forms of beasts, used to hunt down the enemies of the Monotheocratic Order. Guess being "One" only got you so far here as a true believer.

Fortunately, Rin, Ts'elf, and me kept our cool, and we setup at a spot where we wanted to fight it out. Mohadir was obviously not used to fighting and got a bit in the way, but we managed to prevail against the pack that was tracking us.

As the dust settled and we put the corpses of the Cainen behind us, I realized that we had to still set up a marking for Arek.

So after all that we went through... we circled back to where we started.

A wry grin formed on my face as I thought, "Yep, things are going about as normal as usual."

Rin's Summary

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