Book Three: Slouching Towards Eudaemonia
CHAPTER TWO: Departures

Moradina Eomoraday - Eofreeday

An Account by Janarl
(See Photosession for in-Game Action)

Moradina Eomoraday

I returned from my search and held a palaver with the Companions. They offered to help me aid my people. We travelled for the day without event.

Moradina Eofreeday

The next day, we traveled deper into the jungles of e’Dari urkiurao. As I led them, we noticed T’self starting moving away from us. He was compelled by some force, some opening. The event occurred again and we determined it was nearby. As we headed towards it, we found overgrown ruins. Suddenly, the sounds of combat came from the jungle and I heard someone yell in ancillini (Draconic – Mazar) “Law” and “Trespass”. We engaged tenacled monsters surrounding a human warrior. I dropped one and this warrior smashed the last one. He turned to face me and I greeted him as my father taught: I dropped Scorpion’s Tail and stated I was an ally. This warrior called himself Sergius Justinus Octavius. What he related to Justant? Before we could learn more, there was a poisonous cloud. Justinus faced the final insectoid and crushed him with his Malleous deos: the power of his god clearly had shown through. We held a palaver with him and found he was part of this same prophecy. He said he was from another world. Thalazzar explained this was like the world that had opened up over Cauldron and had exposed the Companions to the Kraken. He pledged his Hammer to our Cause. We returned to our Path.

Along the Path, we later found a path of destruction and heard screams. Racing through the treeline, I came upon a horrible scene: a construct crushing twisted humanoids. This was the beast cutting through the jungle! It ws putting some into a cage on its back. We spread out around this beast to lay our ambush. The signal was a Column of Divine Fire called down by Arek and our onslaught began. This metal monster smashed Justant and Arek and then grabbed them. I spotted a man running away and shot him. Justant smashed this Cadaever Collector again with his Malleous. However, the beast recovered and crushed Justant under a stunning blow that snuffed out his life like a candle in a storm. Thalazzar downed the Collector with magic acid.

I then approached one of the twisted creatures without my bow and my hands empty. I drew on the Winld (the Wild) and with its power was able to use it to heal this sorry creature’s wounds. They were called the Havali. Many of them had masks bolted to their faces.

We attempted to raise Justant from this recent Death using dangerously foul magic. I hung back in the treeline with my cloak around me and Woodclaw in my grasp while the magic flowed. However, Justant did not rise. Arek and Thalazzar said it was because Justant did not want to come back. All the better; it is the way of things. Perhaps he is walking a path to another clearing to judge in the next life.

The man Alanas I had chased and shot was healed and charmed by Thalazzar. Alanas explained he worked for Captain Sueliman and was part of a force attacking the T’Kel. He took us to their camp and told us their plans, their defences and their weaknesses. Like hunters on the trail we surrounded them and set upon them like ravens to a nest of baby sparrows. He mowed through them like wheat to the scythe in the Autumn. As we depatured from the ruins of their camp, their foul plans lay in smoke and ashes. Their malicious plan for my people finished.

As we collected ourselves up, Glanconer stepped out of the woods. “Janarl, again there is a fork in the road. You are a Stalker and we are in the Wild. Your people need you on their new Path.”

I looked over to the Companions and Arek nodded.

“I will go back to the T’Kel. Thalazzar, in meeting you I owed you water debt. I hope to meet you again on another path to repay it. That is reason enough to see you again. Rin, clearly the threads of our lives are woven together as we have stalked the Banks of the River Styx together – fare thee well. Linzosplizt, fair gnome, thank you for opening my eyes to a world of wonderful creations that can spring from the mind. T’Self, thank you for opening my world to include peoples like you. Stonefriend, thank you for your leadership and for releasing me from my duties in this hunt so that I can move to another path. I intend on meeting you at the talcali termilus (the trail’s end).”

Arek Responds

“Your bow will be missed. Your people are in good hands. They will benefit from your wisdom and your bravery.”

Janarl, Coda

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