Book Two: The Lone and Level Land
Debts of the Father, Paid by the Son

Berrona Umbersularday - Moradina Eoselunday

Behold, the Order

The party moves through the twisting cavern, still, remarkably, meandering downwards. A warm and gritty breeze has grown stronger for the past hour.

Soon, the perpetual darkness of the labyrinth begins to give way to a diffused blue light that reminds you of Nimbus. Then it is not long before a shining silvery mote appears in the distance and steadily grows.

The warm wind blows harder and the sting of sand is stronger in the approach. Some of you find it hard not to break out and run ahead towards the fresh air, but a feeling akin to dread seems to hold you back.

The corridor leads to a chamber where a dazzling pillar of selunlight shines from above. A short climb upwards leads, at last, to an exit from your passage beneath the Wall.

Seluna’s reflection of Sular's light is especially sharp tonight, and even against its cool light you must shield your eyes. The sky is grey amidst a million sparkling stars. The ambient glow is reflected by a sandstorm below and the air is dry and dusty. As your eyes adjust to the gloom, you each slowly come to grips with an uneasy feeling It is as though you are being watched.

You have emerged upwards from a cleft in the stone surrounded by some sort of ruined watch house. The ash-coloured floor is hard-packed beneath your feet. A short distance away, you can see a ledge drop away into the night.

As you approach the edge, the world seems to bow to the great wall that towers black, above and behind you. In parts, it is a sheer cliff, in others a steep redoubt. Below, to the west, lies Divinity. A dark tangle of vines and impenetrable foliage that feels suffocating even from this height clamours up the cliff face as though it were trying to get over the Wall.

East of the black jungle, past a shadowed valley wrapped around a single glittering line, grey hills gradually give way to brown planes. Beyond them, below great billowing clouds of ochre dust carried up above the Wall by powerful winds, boundless and bare, the lone and level sands stretch far away.


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