Book Two: The Lone and Level Land
Debts of the Father, Paid by the Son

Berrona Umbersularday - Moradina Eoselunday

An Account by Janarl

… we continued down the path while the others fought the Nothics. I proceeded ahead as the Light of Nimbus failed. Seconds later an orange light replaced it so I continued. The light faded and Linkosplitzit told us that the others went back into the cavern. Addled at birth! Addled before birth is not strong enough! Where were they going? I was compelled to go back to aid these fools. Suddenly, I felt a wave of power go through me like a sandstorm as we heard “Moradin!” echo in our ears. The undead fell like wheat before the scythe. The Stone Dweller had returned! Addled indeed but certainly they had the luck of a herd of black cats. I entered combat and dropped one of the zombies. Arek called on Moradin and blew them away like dried leaves in a hurricane.

Thalazzar’s Mangler continued to crush them. Killing the last one, we rejoined with Arek joyfully. We cearched the chamber and Frankie picked the lock of the other door after being poisoned by a trap. Tiberio opened the door and beyond was an evil laboratory for making these undead. Nimbus was decidedly violent and edgy and wrote names on the wall. Ts’elf found a cameo of a woman called “Aea” the wife of Mastof Golgodin apparently his own sister. I could not believe that even a human slither through such a sewer as that. It must have been exaggeration because he was the enemy. Perhaps it was an insult.

We returned to the tunnel and I proceeded ahead. We travelled for three hours and I reached a cavern. Searching ahead, the undead appeared to cross a chasm. I slithered in the dust, only to to run afoul of some trap. I stepped on to the causeway and was paralyzed and smelled carrion.


I heard a shattering scream and saw horrors emerge from the dark. Nimbus pulled me off the causeway just as a man walked up the side of the wall. He stabbed Nimbus just as Ts’elf moved forward to guard the gap. The Destrechans attacked him savagely.

Arek entered the cavern and a fireball dropped on him. Nimbus grabbed the human and tore his cloak off and withdrew with me. The Assassin then went after Rin and stabbed him in the chest. I became unparalyzed finally, wretched briefly before I stabbed with Woodclaw at the Assassin. As I tumbled away, the Assassin transformed into a hobgoblin. Thalazzar again summoned Manglers as Tiberio’s encouragement rang in our ears just as the Assassin disappeared.

When I joined the attack against the Destrechans, Thalazzar summoned a giant crow and climbed on to seek out our flying attacker. Arek was trying to save Rin as the Assassin reappeared and stabbed him. As I turned to loose on him, Arek’s hands burned bright like the sun itself, burning his assailant. I rapidly cut him down with three arrows into his chest as the final blow. Thallazar circled in the air on his mount and I heard Arek call our Enemy “Mastof”. The clouds in my mind parted for only a moment and all the black and white went to grey as Nimbus ran on to the causeway calling “Father.” How can Destiny be such a kiukyi bulli or is it in fact kiucaos (madness)?

I saw Nimbus run across the causeway screaming “Father” – kiucaos surely, by Zuras. I determined I needed to aid Thalazzar in any way I could. I ran and tried to jump across the chasm as a Giant Skeleton appeared in our midst only to have rotten rock trip me. By Sentar, I caught on to the other side and pulled myself up. I drew on the power of the Wild to resist any fire this mage could throw against me.

I was able to shoot at Mastof but could not hit him in the dark as he flew around. I felt another wave of courage and power wash over me and turned briefly to see Tiberio to fell the Giant Skeleton like so much timber in a forest. I tried to shot at Mastof again but I could not engage him. I turned to my right only to see Nimbus don the Assassin’s cape and leap into the abyss. Kiucaos!I have no other word but that, by Zuras.

As my heart fell like a stone in a pond, Thalazzar swooped and caught him. He flew to attack Mastof again and Nimbus jumped with vengeance. As evil light flashed from Mastof’s hands, Nimbus spoke of debts and ends. He fell into the abyss with a faint light and disappeared into Darkness.

Thalazzar was able to finally grab Mastof and flung him to Ts’elfs feet where he finally died. I stood up and surveyed the cavern. All our bodies were wounded in some way but our true loss was the Tattooed Monk who now lay below in Shadow.

I knelt on the ground and removed my mask, showing my face to Sentar. In language of my father I said, “Earth Friend and Mighty Hero, go with Grace and on the Wings of the Raven. You will be missed until I see you on the Other Side”

I do not quite recall how but we crossed the chasm and by the Lower Path went the final way. Midnight passed without result: clearly the gods and wizards that had stalked our path like hungry dogs too were quiet for our loss if only for a moment.

By the light of the Handmaiden of Sobek, Jinnink (the T’Kel huntress of the moon), we emerged from the labrinyth and into Turminim Senitiaria. A name truly full of foreboding. Only a fool could think that any part of this day had been a success…