Book Two: The Lone and Level Land
Debts of the Father, Paid by the Son

Berrona Umbersularday - Moradina Eoselunday

An Account by Frankie

Frankie looked out over the night-darkened desert.

It was too late to regret being here. Her naivete that led her to promising to rescue Tallim haunted her every step. "I just cannot rest until I have done right by you Domaldi," she thought to herself. The remnant of the poison churned inside of her, offset by the healing herbs Arek provided to her.

She saw some exposed roots from a nearby plant, and her mind drifted back to the elemental plane of water. To finally get away from the dragon's lair had not been enough. They had made it back to the gigantic underwater Clockwork vessel, only to find that a sea monster had begun to rip it apart. The sea monster's gigantic tendrils groped for them, chasing them, even through Calibre's dimensional portal onto the Daisy Cutter. The companions would have been crushed, if not kept away by the underwater gear made by some unknown artificer for her uncle.

She still did not know what to think of Calibre. Even though her new DM Good Wrench showed her that he was not evil, the branch of his faith he followed certainly was. However, she did know that he was clockwork of his word. That was at least something to be thankful for, on top of finally seeing him free from the thrall module.

She mentally sighed and wondered when she would have time to deal with Ripplestick and his undead minions. Lokiyar, Mastof... the enemies kept piling up. At this rate she could never go back to Peppershot. More than likely she would have to be a recluse like Ts'self's clockmaker and go into hiding. After setting things right for Domaldi. Yes. Family deserved better.

Like a cog on an over-worked machine, her mind clicked to the companions recent spelunking. She was amazed that they had survived their foray into the Underdark. No, make that embarassed with herself, since she could have bought or even MADE several dependable light sources. Just not cut out for adventuring, no sirrie Linkosplizit!

Her gaze wondered back to where they left the dark below, and thought of Nimbus. She couldn't believe what his father did. The tragedies just did not stop happening. She remembered what Thalazzar had said: something had grabbed Nimbus... the Inbetween men. That cricket sound might be what it would take to recover him, or at least his body. No one deserves to be abducted.

No, she would not dwell on whether Nimbus was dead or not. She just hoped that they would find out for themselves, not by some manipulative liar.

Too many other things to ponder.

Cable, Constructor, Destructor... did they even care? Certainly she thanked Cable for the amazing insights she recently had. She had been told by quite a few people that she was gifted, but to have everything fall into place when it was needed like a newly manufactured gear set. Hmmmm.

She was looking forward to putting all of this behind her, but knew that this would not be the end. A dream visited her almost every night, of her clockwork daughter.

Maybe her daughter would be Cable's price.

Welp, she certainly knew what it was like to be manipulated by a god. She would do her best to ensure her daughter would not be blindsided like she was.

Frankie's mind cleared as she once again looked out into wastes. Something called to her. Like a lover's whisper, the desert wind blew the name of her daughter...

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