Prologue: Gates of Stone

Into the Maw
Tirna Umberfreeday & Cuthberta Eoselunday

Found amidst Frankie's Schematics

Again I find myself putting non-engineer drivel all due to this rapidly cascading fault er magical assault on my person!

Today was the LAST straw! I tried and tried to talk my way out of going into the sewers in Riot's Gate, but Dimaldi said they would need someone skilled with tools (bummer). At least I got let out of that watchstation. I still can't believe I got locked into a room there like I was some kind of common criminal!!!

So off we went to the Temple of Heironeous, and got equipment for our sojourn into the sewers. Good thing I was there, they were actually going to bring FLAME into sewer gas... even a first year student in basic alchemical studies would know better than THAT (sigh)

So there we were, off to the sewers in a different part of the slums. Dimaldi basically picked a random spot, and we headed in. I even threw up on Corporal Picket's head from the smell (oops).

Recovering from that, Dimaldi asked me to map the way.

As we ventured in, we came upon this weird creature thingie. I wonder if older cousin Soubelknicker has it in his zoogoly book?

It was a nasty fight, and we barely survived.

Just when I thought we would get a reprieve, Tiberio wandered off and called for Thalazaar. That always means trouble.

So naturally we charge in after, and came into a hidden room of freaks. Another battle ensued (my companions are soo bloodthirsty, even the pacifist gets beat up over and over). To sum up the battle, we won a lot easier than the previous one with the weird eye thingie, but the head freak got away. Not that I am complaining.

He even used magic illegally to create artificial darkness to do it.

Corporal Picket charged after him right through the artificial black light and took down one of the head freak's minions. Crazy!

As things looked to be settling down, another creature jumped us from a weird pit where they had innocent people strapped in and force fed. We managed to take it out with xbow bombardment. Good thing I keep up on my Peppershot militia training! (mental note: plaster over xbow shots in room) Unfortunately Dimaldi was struck down during all this fighting.

While all this fuss was going on, Tiberio and Thalazaar took off again. I think Thalazaar is having a BAD influence on Tiberio!

Corporal Picket and I eventually went into another secret area where more people were penned up. Tiberio and Thalazaar freed the prisoners, while I loaded up on some nice tools and salvage. These freaks sure know how to hoard good engineering goodies. (note: continue experiments on lens; cleaning it off with type AX-23 acid did the trick)

When I was disabling the devices the freaks were using, I overheard a conversation between Corporal Picket and a freed half orc captive called Grisst. Grisst was asking about the Orindish royal family, and asked if Woden's apprentice was still missing. I was busy with my work, but after we got out of those sewers it all clicked together!

This is my ticket to get out of this mess and back to studying for the next semester! I smell freedom like fresh squeezee-eazee oil lubricant on a clockwork shoulder chasis!

To sum up the sewer trip, Thalazaar and I went and got help for the others'.

We got the tapestry after returning Mai Mai to her dad, and I was glad she was still okay after being with those freaks.

Another captive, an elf named Drizzen, vowed to reward us. Since it was OBVIOUS that he didn't have any juicy engineering tidbits, I asked if he could help out with building stuff for the gnomes and halflings in Happy Acres. He agreed, which was coolio.

The remainder of the group I am with decided to hang out at the "Bell and Dragon". Normally I would settle down for some studying and work on a few schema, but I was so exhausted.

Gonna put my pen to rest, have to get up early so I can get back to prepping for school work next term.

Meanwhile, Arek's having trouble of his own...
With the Unspoken!

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