Prologue: Gates of Stone

Into the Maw
Tirna Umberfreeday & Cuthberta Eoselunday

From the Journal of Domaldi Justianian

Day 2 (continued...)

Whitey and Golthek escaped but we took the rest to the authorities. They seemed somewhat thankful for the assistance we gave in maintaining Order even though we waited three hours to see the Captain of the Guard. Arek had left on official business. Phillip was released for lack of evidence (in fact - he got out of there before you all did - "See you rubes later. You'll be hearing from my lawyer" - DM). The Captain sanctioned our expedition into the sewers with the assistance of Cpl Freeman Pickket. I liked him right away: an honest, polite and competent lawmaker.

I led the others back to the Temple of Heironeous so that we would be properly equipped for our Adventure. The old Quartermaster Kulakk was very obliging. I was unable to find Barris Tarnin to seek advice. We went to the middle of the warehouse district with a plan to do a spiral search outwards. These sewers were foul and ill used by the City. One hour into our search, we glimpsed an inhuman beast. Nimbus and I rushed it and discovered a Gibbering Mouther. Tiberio again urged us to courage in spite of its maddening sounds. Nimbus fought without fear, drawing its savage attacks, while Pickket and I hacked at it. Summoning the Will of Heironeous, I struck it a Mighty Blow and was pulled deep into the rock. I easily continued my attack as Cpl Pickket finished it off. Tiberio discovered a foul cultist in another tunnel and we pursued.

Cpl. Freeman Pikket

Tiberio entered their foul temple and drew their unrestrained attack. Nimbus demanded their surrender only to be mocked. I dispatched one in a blow while and charged another guarding their leader. He cast an inky darkness and escaped through a hidden door. We cornered another cultist in the sewers where Thalazzar smashed him down. We returned to their temple to search for hostages and aid our wounded. On entering, I had a vision that those around the pit were victims and good but being forced to eat villainy to feed a dark force, the Devourer. Under cover of arrows, Nimbus and I went forward to free them. A Grey Ooze struck me in the head and all went black.

Day 3


Was I dead? I saw my father and though I was. He told me to go back as there was more to do.

I woke in the Hospital of Heironeous with Nimbus sitting beside me. He told me he had pulled me away from the Grey Ooze as the others pelted it with arrows. Tiberio and Thalazzar freed Mei-Mei, a half-orc named Grist and a half-elf merchant named Drizzen Gilcrest. They then sought healers of Heironeous who with that clever Frankie freed the others encased in those vicious machines. Freeman Pickket came to visit me and told me the authorities took the surviving cultist, Lester Bottom and will pursue the rest of this Cult. He gave me pair of their strange goggles to remember the battle. His competency matches his honesty and I do like this man. He only stayed a while so as to see Tiberio's second performance at the Ball & Dragon. I wonder how it went?

Mei-Mei was returned to her father who gave us the Tapestry. It matched the carvings in the Dream. Hsi Jiang said it was sold him by a Hanquon Bard called Wooden Toad from the Dragon Fleet.

As I sit here and collect my thoughts from these two short days, we must seek out Tallum and Woden. And what of this Wooden Toad? I wonder if Arek was able to learn anything in detail about the Bones of the Earth? I wonder if the legend of the Bones is matched by an equal legend about the Hoard of Horrors - if they are prophetically linked somehow?

An account of the same events form Frankie's notebook!

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