Prologue: Gates of Stone

Into the Maw
Tirna Umberfreeday

Being a partial account of the strange occurrences in Riot's Gate
during the Festival of Two Moons, in the 19th Annum Independencia
as told by Nimbus

As I traveled to the center of the city to release our thug prisoners my mind was clouded with events that lead to their capture. Usually I am very peaceful but one viewing my recent actions would not be convinced. I brought harm to a goblin and felt anger towards him. I am very fortunate to have encountered this goblin for he has taught me that my mind in not as disciplined as I would like it to be.

Inside the central precinct an orcish clerk is approached by Domaldi who is looking for the captain and Arek. He is told to wait while the captain gathers the rest of the party and leads them to separate rooms to wait while statement are taken. Practicing patience, Nimbus gives his statement about the events that transpired at the Happy Acres Refugee Camp several times.

The watch releases us and allows us to enter the sewers with the escort of corporal Pikett to pursue the gluttonous cultist. Outside the watch headquarters the party decides to travel to the temple of Heironeous to gather equipment from Kulac the quartermaster and information. Once ready the party passes to Dregs of Humanity and heads to the warehouse districted to access the sewer entrances near House Praelos buildings.

Opening a sewer grate reveals a dank tunnel which Nimbus leaps into. The v shape troth tunnel is filled waist high with the unwanted liquid. Nimbus watches the others as the descend into the darkness. Most of the others throw up as soon as the smell of the excrements reaches them.

Chaotic whispers turn to loud ramblings while the party is searching the tunnels. A gibbering mound of eyes and mouths launches something that speaks itself as whistles passed me. With clarity and focus I charge forward to give purpose to chaos. Assaulted by the ramblings of chaos my mind dulls as protoplasmic tentacles latch on to me and pull me into the mouths of chaos.

My mind wanders....

A few moments pass as my mind wanders back to Sublime Master T'Ling-os teachings..... "Nimbus... everything around you... everything you see... everything you hear is tricking the clarity of your mind." I watch my master as he throw a pebble onto the surface of the lake Sular. "Once you are able to discard the grip of theses things on your mind, nothing will ripple the waters of your mind."

The bardic chanting draws me back like the crossing of the surface of water to reality. The struggle continue as the creature grabs a hold of me and leaches the life force out of me until Domaldi pierces the chaotic mass.

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Another excerpt from the Journal of Domaldi

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