Book Two: The Lone and Level Land
House Golgadin

Berrona Umberdakarday

Journal of Ts'elf

Nothing in master Blaylock's books prepared me for the world outside the lab where I was born. So many strange peoples, most with motives I do not understand. I understand now why so much of master's journals were focused on thought governors and and morality circuits. It appears to a very difficult to get right. A frighteningly high percentage of the creatures I've encountered in my short life are suffering from malfunctions in ...well... whatever passes as a morality circuit in a biologic brain.

Master Blaylock's journals referred to 'Evil' at one point. At the time I couldn't infer the meaning of the word. Now I understand. Evil is a malfunction of the mind. With master's research notes, I might eventually learn to correct a malfunctioning clockwork brain, but what of biologic brains? I assume the creator of the biologics would have repaired his malfunctioning creations if he knew how. Or perhaps the creator of biologics has disappeared just as my creator ahs disappeared. Did he leave design notes as master Blaylock did? I must enquire.

It seems those suffering from 'Evil' have a particular interest in me. First the thugs on the street who subdued me. Then the one who experimented upon me and took my arm. Was he trying to discover a cure for his 'Evil'? If so, he was looking in the wrong place. I doubt a ticktock brain will be of much help in the repair of the biologic brain. No, he seemed interested more interested in my runes and my arm. His interest in my arm seems clear, increasing the destructive potential of his 'Flesh Golem' creation. Why my runes intrigued him, I cannot say. A pity I didn't have more time to examine his library. Perhaps there was a book on biologic brains and their malfunctions?

Fortunately I was rescued be a new group. My rescuers appear to mean well. The seem to be more skilled than I at identifying those suffering from the Evil affliction. Sadly they have no 'cure' to offer. They are often forced to destroy the malfunctioning ones when the 'Evil' is causing them to act destructively. Is it acceptable to destroy the destroyer?

I decided to test this by charging the malfunctioning creature called 'Undead Minotaur' which had demonstrated an intent to damage companion Nimbus. My own morality circuit did not intervene. However my attack failed, and almost lead to my destruction. It seems I must study the ways of combat, since 'Evil' seems to have an interest in me. However, my top priority must be to find the creators, including master Blaylock, and find a way to repair 'Evil'.

Enter Tiganis Rin

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