Book Two: The Lone and Level Land
Gathering Information, DC 32

Berrona Umberselunday


• To the north, Dygranog and Riot's Gate reach up to the sky; to the east, Lake Dakar, ringed by mountains, blends with a horizon of white mist; and to the south, the mountain range itself is bisected by a great black line - the Wall of the Righteous!.

Orindish Royals & Magnus Móhr

• All the Orindish Royals, but one, died during the Doom's Eye Eclipse
Mahgnus Mór is the heir designate to the Orindish throne
• Mahgnus Mór is rumoured to be running for a Senate seat in the upcoming by-election. The Landholder's Bloc is behind him.
• Mahgnus Mór is increasingly admired in some circles in the capital, especially those who want a Republic ("like Gallant")
• Mahgnus Mór has been extremely critical of the Keepers and what he has called their "botched" investigation into the disappearance of many of the bodies. He even started "his own investigation" into the disappearances.
• Mahgnus Mór travelled through Cauldron a few days ago, on his way to see the Wall of the Righteous
• Along with the Orindish Royals, Magnus Móhr had been lobbying hard for the Federation to declare war on Gallant, now he's pushing for a treaty.
• The treaty he wants would be a non-aggression pact with the Sunterranse Federation, and it would make the Isle of Cyr a Gallantish province. The Federation would formally recognize the borders of the Gallantish Republic. Cyr is now the last hold out of the old Kingdom of Orindo. Fighting their has been fierce.

Woden is a very powerful Orindish wizard
• He is notable, lately, for his absence. He used to be all over the political scene in Riot's Gate. Now, he is not.
• He was seen along the Maddock's Mile a few days ago, and he made a brief stop in Cauldron.

House Golgadin
House Golgadin is a powerful merchant house, with aspirations to be counted amongst the most powerful in the Mazari
• House Golgadin sells all sorts of things, but it is best known for its soap
• It commands a small fleet of merchant ships and military vessels on Lake Seluna
• House Golgadin originally hails from the River Barony of Golga. Its patron, Baron Mastof fled with his brother Ivindof and a handful of servants.
• Mastof is building a fleet on Lake Dakar
Mastof and Ivindof are presently feuding. Mastof is tired of Ivindof's scandalous spending habits.
• Ivindof has been trouble with the law lately, and Mastof has had to burn a great deal of influence to bail him out.
• Ivindof feels he has to prove himself to his brother.
• Mastof wants his Barony back, but Ivindof likes it in the Federation
• The Baron's quarters are on the uppermost floor
• Mastof is away on business, travelling in the north.
• The servants leave items for the Baron, delivery and storage, in a storage room.
• Mastof does a great deal of business through the Wall, uncounted by the Border Marshalls and Taxation officials.
• Mastof's business is in Divinity.
• There is a secret chamber beneath the complex
• Mastof is a practitioner of the Dark Arts

Janarl in Cauldron

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