Book One: Ordered by Gods
The Dirty Half Dozen
Berrona Eoselunday - Berrona Clairesularday


Braven Umbermoon - Orc Barbarian/ex-Paladin

Crime(s): Murder, Assault
Likely Sentence: Death by Hanging

Personality: Pious and driven, Braven truly regrets that the actions that led to his fall from grace. For an Orc, he is soft-spoken, thoughtful and serious, but he is also a natural leader, quick to take decisive action and lay his life on the line for his comrades in arms. He has a stout and noble heart and in his sincerity to seek redemption, he has accepted the judgement of the Inquisition. Braven is extremely protective of his “little ½ brother” Posey, a ½ Orc born of his mother’s tribe.

Background: Braven Umbermoon came to the Federation with Ogram’s free Orcs. After a stay in a refugee camp in Bithal, his tribal clique took a homestead in the Orclands, north of the Plains of the Horselords. During the pilgrimage, he converted to Heironeous with the guidance of a Paladin who guided the settlers northwards. He quickly distinguished himself as an outstanding leader and organizer, helping his people to make the frequently difficult transition to civilization. He helped to muster the massive troop response from the Orclands when the Horde from the Wilderlands invaded the Last Frontier province. Braven’s fall from grace occurred during the battles following the fall of the Federation capital, Sea of Grass, when the Federation experienced some of its first military successes. After a massive combat, Braven force marched his troops three days, even through daylight, to meet the Horde as they shifted their thrust south through the settlements at the fringes of the Plains of the Horselords and towards Bithal Province. He battled for another day without rest when he learned of an attack on a virtually defenceless border settlement. His troops arrived in Mossy Hill only moments before the advancing Horde. In the battle that ensued, an exhausted Braven called upon his Barbarian heritage and entered a mighty rage near the battles end. Through the fog of war, sadly, those who felt the brunt of his mindless attacks were the surviving citizen farmers of Mossy Hill. He learned of what had happened when he regained consciousness and turned himself in to authorities. He has, as a result, lost his Paladin skills.

Dirty Half Dozen Assault: Braven died in combat, at his brother's side.


D’en Waterslough – Elven Ranger

Crime(s): Treason, Murder
Likely Sentence: Death by Hanging

Personality: “Sullen” and “morose.” Most people would use these words to describe Dwarves, not Elves. Most people don’t know D’en Waterslough, and that suits him just fine. Waterslough despises authority figures, particularly Paladins. There is an old Elven proverb that says, "You become what you hate," so he finds his currnet predicament extremely ironic. According to legend, the Elves were once immortal beings of culture and purpose. But that was a long time ago, and although they remain long lived, the ends for their dwindling race are all too mortal now. Even their rebellions, such as the Elven Nationalist Movement, had become assimilated to the ways of mortals. The Movement’s mere existence was an admission that High Elven Culture has disappeared form this part of the world. You become that which you hate. Alone in the wilderness, then, Waterslough found that he had become his own civilization. You become that which you hate. Then the Brutes came…

Background: D’en Waterslough nearly welcomed the invasion of the Brutes when it first began. He hoped it would wipe civilization away and allow the great cycle to begin anew. He had lived for years already as a ranger of the deep wood, having abandoned even the fringes of civilization. He had long since turned his back on the world of Men and even on his own kin. Living in the Wilderlands along the border of the Horselords, he had seen enough Brutes to know that their races rose and fell like the tide. It did not take him long to realize, then, that this latest rise was more than just another in a long cycle. They were not just a forest fire that would burn itself out. Some intelligence guided these Brutes. Something was happening. Something frightening.

D’en watched the merciless Brutish advance with cold and unflinching eyes, picking off only those who came a little too close to violating the safety of his own curiousity. He moved with the armies, sometimes that of the Brutes, sometimes that of the Federation. He should have stayed closer to the Brutes. He hardly remembers how he came to be in the employ of Sunterran soldiers – they were Elves… perhaps that was it. Elven Nationalists, certainly, but to him still Federation. Elves posing as Men. Better to live with Men and hate them than to live as a Man and hate yourself. He eventually moved deeper into Human and Bastard-Elf territory, drawn to it, partly to bear to witness the full arc from civilization to destruction. It was under these circumstances that he was pressed into serving as a Scout to the Heironean soldiers. Their smug and righteous self-satisfaction blinded them to the doom they faced. This alone was enough to keep Waterslough form leaving in disgust. He should have left. The officers began to mistrust him. Word had come that the Elven Nationalist Movement – N.M.E. – had slaughtered an entire contingent of Sunterran troops. He hated the officers worst of all.

The Heironenas turned on him following a devastating surprise ambush. They accused him of having led them into the slaughter. Fools. If only they knew… he was nothing. The Brutes had destroyed the civilization that he had become unto himself by upsetting the equilibrium of his wood, for this he had vowed a bloody vengeance. The Elves had long ago lost their true heritage and were now reduced to parroting humans and human politics, so that civilization was dead to him as well. He did not blame or hate the Heironenans for turning on him and capturing him. If he hated them, he might become them… and he’d rather be an Orc than a human… so he killed Orcs and for this the humans imprisoned him; so he killed the humans in charge… and for this they sentenced him to death. He never did like Paladins…

All of this business is seriously damaging Waterslough’s calm. He would make a break for it as soon as he was touched down, but the Heironeans are holding his animal companion – the one thing in the world for which he cares – (a falcon named Arrow), as collateral for his return. For their own safety, they should hope he doesn’t…

Dirty Half Dozen Assault: Survived after slinking cravenly away.


Victor Franco / Ennis Maggot - Human Cleric

Crime(s): Murder, Religious Sacrifice, Libertinism
Likely Sentence: Death by Hanging

Personality: Franco is, in fact, two people – Victor Franco, Cleric of Heironeous, and Ennis Maggot, Vile Cleric of Lust. His dual personality hid the crimes of Ennis Maggot from Heironeous himself and, until only recently, the Church of Heironeous as well, though the Inquisition does not accept even the preliminary findings of Church psionicists and healers. The two personalities are aware of each other’s existence, but they do not know they inhabit the same body. They regard one another as nemeses, always challenging and ruining the other’s life. Franco is introverted and self-conscious; unsure of himself and more of a follower than a leader, he is, regardless, noble in his own quiet way. He excelled in a monastic order of his sect, writing histories and liturgies for the Church of Heironeous for the Libriohenaeum in Sunfalls. Ennis Maggot is a loathsome and evil creature, and, as the leader of a clique of Lust Cultists in Sunfalls, he orchestrated a wide variety of depraved and horrible crimes. He is a sly and smooth survivor, completely devoid of self-doubt or remorse. He “lusts” for the pain and suffering of others. Torture and sacrifice provide him unspeakable pleasure.

Mechanic: You begin the game as Victor Franco. Every time you enter combat (i.e. roll initiative), there is a progressively higher chance that Ennis Maggot will assert himself as the dominant personality. First time Will DC 15, and it rises +10 in each successive combat.

Franco: Franco did not live in the Heironean Barracks, but in a boarding house where he could where he could concentrate on his writing. Franco is nervous and does not understand fully why he is being held, but he is pious and believes in the righteousness of the Church authority, so he goes along with their decisions. Besides, his personality is such that he finds it difficult to stand up for himself. As a prisoner, his existence has confounded the Church of Heironeous because he resists spells that ought to detect lies, alignment deviations, and even demonic possession - and yet, eyewitnesses and authorities place him at the scene of the crime, where he was caught. Magic cannot heal him without a proper diagnosis of his affliction – which no one has been able to do.

When Lokiyar reinstated the Inquisition following the Dooms Eye Eclipse, Franco/Maggot was handed over in the hopes that the rigours of its methods might be able to provide more clues about his affliction.

Maggot: Ennis lived in a boarding house where he disguised himself as an academic – he had access to the Libriohenaum stacks, which he used to research the Vile, and the University at Sunfalls, where he stalked prey for his Cult. Maggot was captured red handed (though, to be honest, his entire body was covered with red) and his cult dispersed after four years of investigations by the Keepers and a reign of terror over the city unrivalled in its history. It was in fact Victor Franco who provided the evidence that broke open the case that led to the capture of Ennis Maggot. When the “Surgeon of Sunfalls” was neutralized, even the underworld breathed a sigh of relief, but the details of the case were never made public – because Franco’s capture only created more questions and deepened the investigation.

If/when Maggot asserts himself he will gauge the situation before he reacts to the environment he finds himself in. Maggot is accustomed to the “blank spots” in his memory and takes them in stride, typically blaming them and the predicaments he can find himself in on his nemesis, Victor Franco. Maggot would like to be free (he knows he has been imprisoned and that Franco had something to do with it) but he would also like to indulge his passions a little before he rushes off…

Dirty Half Dozen Assault: As Victor Franco, dropped below zero hit points, abandoned and stabilized.


Posey - ½ Orc Barbarian

Crime(s): Murder, Assault
Likely Sentence: Death by Hanging

Personality: Dim and confused, Posey prefers contests of brute strength to contests of wits, or as Posey would say, “Smash. Good.” Just wind him up and point him in the right direction and he will cut a swath of destruction through all comers. He is extremely protective of his “big ½ brother” Braven – a full blooded Orc and fallen Paladin of Heironeous to whose tribe he was born. He admires Braven above all others and wants little more in the world than to be just like him.

Background: Posey came to the Federation with Ogram’s free Orcs. After a stay in a refugee camp in Bithal, his tribal clique took a homestead in the Orclands, north of the Plains of the Horselords. During the pilgrimage, his bro