Book One: Ordered by Gods
The Dirty Half Dozen
Berrona Eoselunday - Berrona Clairesularday

Domaldi Justinian's Crimes of Valour

Crime(s): Crimes against Valour, Murder
Likely Sentence: 20 Years Hard Labour or Death by Hanging

“Domaldi Justinian, the Church of Heironeous is not being run for your personal convenience.

“You stand accused of having exhibited a disturbing lack of valour, disgraced the reputation of the Church, and endangered the faith.

“Sunterran authorities desire to question you in relation to numerous events. They have agreed to allow the Inquisition to carry out its own justice first. In addition to being sought for questions related to the Skybridge Tram disaster, the disappearance of a major relic, and the death of Jones Bishop, we have determined that you have strayed from Valour.

- short on discipline and an outright failure of discipline
- disobeying orders
- fraternizing with known and suspected criminals
- fraternizing with suspected enemy agents
- abandoning your comrades in arms at a time of war
- knowingly abandoning the scene of our temple’s destruction
- to say nothing of our ongoing investigation about the death of Jones Bishop

“Death in glorious combat against the enemy is more than you deserve – and so you will be brought back to life to be judged by this Inquisition You are being sent to skulk. Under the circumstances, death would be a sign of Heironeous’s disapproval – you would be removed from his service on Sentar and called back to plead your case in his Great Field Tent yourself. No need for mortal courts and no way to confuse your death with something noble. If you lived, it would be a sign that you might yet be able to redeem yourself in virtuous combat.”

The Unspoken Speak!

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