Book One: Ordered by Gods

Updated: 2 March 2006

Texts of the Devourer

During the long voyage from Krin to Cauldron
the Companions had time enough to read through
the texts they had recovered from the Devourer.

This is what they learned...


• Hold the position until the Halfling, Besth, arrives with her map
• Get the map
• Kill the Halfling
• Send the map back through the Gate
• Wait for the special operatives
• DO NOT disturb any of the rooms outside the Gate area
• DO NOT leave the corridors
• Record and report any strange events

• Two separate search parties were lost on the other sides of the Gates when the magic collapsed
• Everyone complaining of strange dreams. Some people die in their sleep. Others refusing to sleep at all.


• Details the anatomy of the Nephilim (would give a bonuses to encounters were it all to be carefully read - doing so would take several days and a Will check).
• Nephilim manifest on multiple planes simultaneously, hence their durability and their ability to contain so much energy; this makes it very difficult for creatures of one plane, let alone the material plane, to be near them at all without severe side effects.
• They are ancient beings from an Age before Dragons
• They are beings of either pure law or pure chaos
• It seems they worshipped the One, but was not always so


(1) Age of Giants
• The Age of Giants preceded the Age of Mortals (the present Age) and followed the Age of Dragons.
• "The Fathers" (the Nephilim) had been vanquished by the Dragons and the Others
• Early in this time, the world was populated with Giants who attempted to order this world – as they were the mightiest of the creatures born of “the Fathers.”
• Mortals were the slaves
• The eldest had extraordinary powers, but with the passage of time, powers faded and the youngest races of giants grew more debased. By the time of the Age of Mortals, the great glories of the past had all but disappeared
• The Age of Mortals began with the Concord and the rise of the Elves and later with the Emergence of the Dwarves from their darkened caves – their Giantish masters having long since faded.

(2) Durgoshii Empire
• The most successful of the efforts by the last races of Giants to recapture their past glory approximately 2,000 years ago. The Durgoshii Empire flourished for only a few hundred years. At its height, however, it stretched across the mountainous continent that still bears its name amongst mortals, Durgosh, separated from the Mazari by Upheaval, the Great Range Mountains where the Wilderlands begin today.
Humans, Dwarves Orkin dwelt among the Giants in their own communities, but served them as cattle, slaves and fodder for their entertainments.
• The decline of the Durgoshii Empire began with a massive slave revoly amongst the Orkin who formed their own civilization, Rakka (aka Rakkish Civilization)
• Human slaves migrated into the Mazari, taking some of the Giant’s own gods with them (the Aesir)
• But the One destroyed the All-Father of the Aesir and others who rallied against the Theoneans after the Ra-Nephi and their Gods were all but wiped out. The death of the All-Father spurred the Giants into war against the Theoneans

(3) The Devourer
• There are 5 other sites, called Harvesters.
   o Each is connected to the Devourer.
   o They were used to gather and transport more sacrifices to the Devourer
• The Devourer was built a little over 850 years ago. Construction began shortly after the meteor crashed in Lake Dakar.
• The Giants seem to have made liberal use of inter-dimensional portals. This was something that was opposed by “the Others.”
• Those who built the Devourer were denizens from the last City of the Giants, called Dröss Jämmerlich, also called “the Last City.”
• Giants battled the Dwarves of Axes Bithtat until there was some sort of Accord. The Stone Druids agreed to help them build the Devourer as they were curious whether the Giants’ plan would work. The accord broke when the Dwarves learned that the Giants had built the Harvesters as well. Fighting started again.
• Not clear what the contents of the Accord were or why the Stone Druids were curious.
• Dröss Jämmerlich fell a few decades after the completion of the Wall of the Righteous. The Devourer and the Harvesters were maintained for years afterwards, but a tribe of (thrice-cursed) Elves harried the dwindling Giants, for, by the Concord, only they claim the right to Harvest as the Others had.
• The Devourer itself is a weapon. The Steel Stone Pillar room is the focus. The energy for the weapon came from sacrifice and torture.
• Often, those brought there were tortured to death, resurrected and then tortured again. It ran 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

(4) Wall of the Righteous
• Wall of the Righteous is large, even to Giants.
• The Theoneans began its construction once they ceased their relentless expansion in the Lake Range and the Mazari. This occurred after the meteor struck Lake Dakar over 800 years ago.
• The Wall was completed a scant few years before the fall of Dröss Jämmerlich a little over 650 years ago.
• The Theoneans called upon powers unimagined to construct “their mighty and gods forsaken wall,” from behind it the One’s War against the Gods of the Giants (and others) continued until the fall of Dröss Jämmerlich
• Its creation changed the climate, migratory patterns, political order... the entire continent

(5) Monotheocrate Order
• A group of human pilgrims arrived from the east, across the Wilderlands – the fact they survived the trip meant they were formidable
• Customs and language alien to the humans inhabiting the Mazari.
The Pharaohs of the Ra-Nephi Empire attempted to enslave them, the Serpents attempted to eat them and enslave them, the Giants attempted to enslave them, eat them, sacrifice them and experiment upon them. They started small and nearly wiped out the Ra-Nephi. They killed their gods. Then began to prey on others.
• Their magic is powerful and strange.
• The expanded into the tropical southern reaches, stretching their civilization to the very shadow the Pillars.
• Theoneans use a drug extracted form living creatures to commune with their god
• The Theoneans hate all but their own race (humans), but they truly despise the Elvenkind and value their extermination above all else.

(6) The One
• The One is a power “not of Sentar” and yet it is “of everything”
• “It is not as our Gods. It is more than an idea. It is Becoming. What can mere Giants do to stop Becoming?”
• “If we had done nothing, the One would have been our doom - so we tried something and found our doom regardless.”
• “If only we had had more time. We have learned so much from our experiments. That is one more advantage the thrice hated Theoneans and their Lonely God have over us. Our Age has passed, and so too will Sentar. What could mortals possibly do, where Giants have failed?”

(7) Serpent Suzerainty
• Giants watched the Theoneans wipe out the Serpent Suzerainty, and crush it every time it tried to rise again, with some alarm, not for any sentiment but for fear of what might arise to fill the power vacuum
• Afterwards, the Giants watched the Serpents of Sss’Raast with interest for a time, as this alliance also rose and fell.
   o Efforts at any cooperation between Giants and the Sss'Raast Alliance were thwarted by the paranoid Sahuagin

(8) Stone Druids
• The Giants do not regard the Stone Druids to be the same race as the Dwarves
• Giants acknowledge that the Dwarves and their kin are a race even more ancient than they are
• The Stone Druids are great architects. It is said that they can forge Steel Stone with their bare hands.
• The Giants are very jealous of the secrets of the Stone Druids.
• The Giants feared Axes Bithtat, but complained bitterly that the Stone Druids kept their secrets to themselves.
• The Giants believed the Stone Druids knew secrets that could held their battle against the One

Janarl's Bad Day
“ The Scouring of the Enclave”

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