Book One: Ordered by Gods
Berrona Eoselunday to Berrona Claireselunday

The Scouring of the Enclave

Berrona Eoselunday

Departing the Temple early, I went ahead of the Companions to find Zayda. I reached her without mishap and she spoke of our sacrifices to defeat the Stalker. She told me to open my uncle’s medicine pouch. Inside were a strangely coloured raven egg and a note from my uncle. She said that the egg was found after I left the Enclave on my quest and was somehow connected to my quest.

I guided my companions into her Grove and Arek gave her soil from the Temple as an offering. She was able to heal us all and spread the soil to create a garden of seven small plants in honour of our victory. We rested in her Grove that day and night.

Berrona Eodakarday

We proceeded by the fastest route to Krin the next morning. Linkosplitzit was able to determine that she was being watched by some strange magic called scrying. Certainly this group had made enough enemies along the way to merit the attention of some powerful force. The day of travel was fast and uneventful and we camped in a comfortable area in the Lonesome Vast. My companions rested and studied various dark tomes and records from their travels to try to unravel this mystery and mend the Web. I called a strong raven from the trees and gave it a message for my village to prepare for our arrival the next day.

Berrona Eomoraday

As we proceeded uneventfully for the last leg of our journey to the Enclave, I was surprised by the lack of any other travellers. None of the fishermen of Darlya River could be seen even though the weather was perfect. As we climbed the rise above Krin, the skin under my scales shrank in dread: burnt out houses, boats loose from their berths and no T’kel anywhere. I stalked up ahead with the wild wolf and saw no one. The South and East Gate were closed but the North had been opened outwards. The tracks were unmistakable: Kilius tik-ek, the Cave Crawlers. There were scavenging Krin after something had entered the village. We moved into the centre of the village and encountered many groups, the Mage attempted to negotiate a parley but it did not work. His knowledge of the kilius tik-ek far exceeded mine and gave all of the Companions cause for concern. From the rooftop of a house I was able to watch the battle unfold and send many to their death. I was able to kill their sorcerer with a perfect shot to the throat ending his foul mutterings. As we destroyed two bands, more groups appeared and then an e'puh filul (much foul life) appeared, what the humans call a shambling mound. The kobolds took heavy losses in our one-sided battle and the e'puh filul followed them for food.

We searched Krin and found no indication of their fate – it seemed like two days previous like was normal and breakfast was set. Suddenly, there was nothing.

We proceeded to the Shrine of Zuras to find that it to was abandoned. The Tatooed Monk attempted to commune with the Wild but spoke of no enlightenment. Him and I went to the Grove of Argea and could not find her either. We returned to Krin after searching an empty Balud. I returned to my home in Krin and left a letter for my mother if she should ever return. My path now lay with these Companions of the Eye and I would to the South go.

I left her a letter:

Berrona Eomoraday

To my mother Akanart, shaman of Krin,

I returned with Companions from the Stone Trees. They are heroes from the Brillihand who were accompanying the Son of Dimiltus Justas. This knight of Heeroneous named Domaldi, the Time of Justice, fell in battle against the Devouver last week. I am sad to tell you in this way that the Spear fell in a massive battle two weeks prior in a Cave of Trolls near Filula. I have travelled with these Companions of the Eye and have aided them to defeat That Which Stalks the Night and to free the blight from the land.

Mother, again on my scales I bear sad news that Adiya fell to the Stalker but I have set his spirit free to the skies and have regained his Pouch.

We arrived here today and fought Kilius tik-ek scavaging for food and booty. These kobolds feld under our attack and an e'puh filul chased them away. I leave this note to let you know that I have looked for our people and found nothing. I travelled to all the villages and the Shrine and even Argea and found no one.

Among the Companions is a Tatooed Monk of Sentar, a human trained by the Lunar elves of Lake Sular. He bears the marks of the Taken. While in the Grove of Argea, the Egg Karasu hatched to reveal a terrible omen: a white raven. This monk was able to strengthen it enough to survive its first day. I swear that I will nurture this fell creature for it is all that remains from you.

I have searched wide in our Enclave, Mother and have found no track or scale. The Monk thinks all may have been Taken. I cannot see through the mud in this pond and must swim in another stream now.

I must track with these Companions of the Dark Eye, these friends of the Clan of Justas to heal the Web, to Right the Wrong. We will go to Dunwater and seek for Dakar.


Berrona Eosularday to Berona Mentesularday

We took two skiffs that belonged to uncle Zillin and loaded them for a coastal journey to Dunwater. We sold the skiffs for a trifle and proceeded to the South. From Dunwater, we crossed the Lake to Firus Somuk, the Cone of Smoke that the humans call, Cauldron. The evening of Menteselurday we reached the Far Shore. I was able to pay a sailor named Grinnel a small fee to register as a merchant and avoid the scrutiny of the authorities. I learned that the Federation has been fighting a war on many sides in addition to the Cleaving of the Web.

Berrona Claireselunday

We swam in the shadows for the day as we try to dispose of the spoils of a long hunt. I am able to buy some items with this strange wealth. That evening Linkosplitzit and some others got into an argument with some filul men and it spills out into the street. The Keepers descended from sky to stop the disturbance. It was as the stories told in truth! The Keepers and Dimiltus Justas were a force with which to be reckoned.

The wonderous airship was named the Blade of the Morning Flower, Bilius Daryu [DM: The dirgible is "The Daisy Cutter"]. It was commanded by an uncle of Linkosplitzit who had been searching for her and my Companions with news of Domaldi!

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