Book One: Ordered by Gods
That Which Stalks the Night
Berrona Eoselunday

My life had become a nightmare.

Inigo wakes us up in the middle of the night, then tells us an out-landish tale about needing us to separate. I argue against this, but other members of the group cave in.

I still do not know how we made it through what followed next. I remember riding on the back of Calibre in pitch black with Janarl. A wolf pack attacks us and I get beaten up from it pretty good.

Eventually we make it to a deserted Lizardman temple, to find out that Inigo is now a vampire. I don't think I've ever really heard of such a thing prior to this night, and I could have lived with that.

The fight was chaotic, and I quickly realized that I was not properly equipped to handle this situation. Note to self: I have to gnomivate my gear, too much depends on everyone helping out the best they can. It is time to start dabbling with magic and tech.

We found Arek lying in the temple, looking deathly pale. Nimbus ran up to help him.

Thalazzar managed to magick Inigo away, and Nimbus somehow collapsed the temple on some kind of freaky lizard monster thingie. A group of undead vampires joined in the fight as well; one of them was Janarl's uncle. I felt really bad for him.

Arek, Janarl, and I managed to pry some rocks away and get Nimbus out of there. Nimbus mumbled some weird mystic phrase (red-stripe my gears) and passed out. He looked in really bad shape.

The sun came up with a gentle rainfall. It appeared that the collapse of the temple caused the local area some much needed relief.

The Geotranscendence of Nimbus

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