Book One: Ordered by Gods
Taint of the Devourer
Cuthberta Umberfreeday & Umbersularday

Cuthberta Umberfreeday

…we entered the large room with an dark obelisk and were immediately set upon by undead. The tattooed monk attacked the massive elemental as I shot arrows at it. It somehow moved through the floor itself and harshly struck me. It was as hard as stone but moved like water. As it struck me, it felt as if it passed right through me. It was almost as if it had tarnished my soul. I was able to withdraw and survive as all of these foul creatures were dispatched. I would not have believed that a Stone Dweller could command so much righteous energy and yet this one called Arek was instrumental to winning the day.

After the battle we examined the obelisk and I learned it was a material called “steel stone”. It was only after looking at the Unity that I understood its value. In the Enclave, some of the elders talk of Sentariss ba rital or the “rib bones of Sentar”. I had always thought it was a tale told by the foolish when they were drunk. To know the bones of the world could yield such weapons and that so much could be dug up by the Stone Dwellers causes me some concern.

The she-gnome and her mechanical man attempted to stop the flow of pain into the Obelisk. The rest of us searched the rooms but found very little of interest. The she-gnome was unable to affect any more change to the Devouver.

The she-gnome Linkosplitzit told us that before she left the Grove to join us, she say an amazing thing. A place where the blood of Domaldi had spilled on the ground had been transformed in a swirl of light into a small tree. Apparently, we had released the spirit of him by destroying the Heart.

By this point, Gunther was not doing well and we felt that leaving was necessary. When we emerged into the sunlight we saw that Folha’s Grove had grown by our good works. The evil of the Devouver was diminished.

I went to the tree and prayed to the Wild. His spirit had been freed! To what fate I do not know.

Arek, the leader of these Followers of the Eye, called his people around and made me an offer. He explained that when the Time of Judgement had fallen, a living weapon he carried called Woodclaw left his body. Arek explained that it was a powerful magic weapon that used the power of nature itself as its attack. He placed it before me and said that he thought I should become its new master. I faced much confusion: this was the living weapon of the Son of the Spear! The Web of Life led me here to this moment. I could sense the Keeper’s son’s blood in this sword. I could hear the Song of the Forest through it. As Domaldi’s closest friend and a creature of strong conviction, I trusted this Claimer Arek and his judgement. I took up Woodclaw and felt it enter my arm like a thousand thorns. It was fire like a forge all through my body. I could feel the call of the trees in my mind and in my veins. Somewhere behind it all I could touch an echo of he who was Domaldi. I could see him smile knowing that a Creature of the Forest such as me would use this Sword to fight evil. I spent the rest of the evening willing it to emerge and withdraw as I practiced my sword drills. Lo to the next beast that challenged me!

Cuthberta Umbersularday


We awoke after our needed rest. We determined that we had done all we could to the Devouver and that we need to proceed to other tasks. I explained that their Quest would be best supported by travelling via the Enclave. I also need to explain the loss of the both the Spear and the Time of Justice to my People.

We proceeded to the place of a forest spirit called Zieata or as the humans called her “Zayda”. I spoke to Folha at length and was certain I could find her Grove one league to the South. We travelled for two hours and reached the Grove and its characteristic stream. Suddenly we were attacked by Garasoth! I shot it many times with no effect. Therfore, Nimbus and I went ahead to see if there was other evil underfoot from a rise of rocks. I quickly searched the hilltop and returned to the Battle confident we would not be flanked. We had Garasoth surrounded and charged in on him from the flank and stuck hard. Finally, Arek and Gunther finished him off.

On the hilltop, Nimbus had found Zieata and had given her the Tree of Domaldi as a gift. She took us into her Grove and healed our wounds and taints. She is an elf of the wood but one of vast power having transformed partially into a tree herself. We spoke at length and she explained that she thought That Which Stalks the Night was a new beast upon the world: possibly from the Temple of Sss’Raast. She said when the Stone Dwellers opened the Door at Dagonon and cut the Web of Magic, many things changed and many other things could have been set free.

She planted the Tree of Domaldi and it immediately grew strong. Gunther then departed to continue his efforts to free Domaldi from the claws of those Knights of Heeroneous that now had his body. I was tempted to leave at first but realized that my path now lays with these others as they try to save this human girl trapped within Jamhyria Theona'la.

Berrona Eoselunday

Nimbus and I were standing watch in the dark of the night and a figure emerged from the shadows. Nimbus recognized him immediately a Inigo Tarraga, a human under the geas of Kausat to find and destroy That Which Stalks the Night. He told us that we were in danger and had to leave now with him…

Janarl Account of the Showdown at the Lost Temple of Sss'Raast

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