Book One: Ordered by Gods
Taint of the Devourer
Cuthberta Umberfreeday & Umbersularday

From the Journal of Frankie

Still kind of choked up over how things have turned out, but repairing Calibre has kept me busy. I also got more reading done, and found out some interesting tidbits on the Clockwork religion. I am totally off the scope on this one, hope this schema doesn't nail me with a malfunction that Nimbus seems to be undergoing.

Finally get things wrapped up, and I see a sapling begin to grow from where Domaldi's body rested in the airhead's grove. Glad that Domaldi's soul has been freed from that foul place.

Realizing that my comrades might need me, I hurry back in (hopefully for the last time) and eventually come upon a torture chamber. I wanted a closer look, but heard fighting break out further in. Guess some things never change, the others' are always finding some trouble.

After asking Calibre to stay close by (I just fixed him up, didn't feel like having another major repair job right away), I entered a room with a gigantic steelstone obelisk covered in some kind of organic slime. I saw a weird looking "ape" and a slime thing battling it out, along with some undead. I yelled out to see which large monster we were trying to fight, and tried to help out. Alas, my x-bow was not up to the task of handling these creatures, but my comrades were. Will definitely need to enhance it with magic. Hopefully I can make it back to Peppershot and obtain advice from one of the weapon engineers.

Afterwards I tried to understand how to dismantle the Devourer, but quickly came to realize it was beyond me. Instead I stopped by the torture chamber and pillaged the machines there. If nothing else, having all the prime internal components removed will throw a wrench in the cog if someone wants to re-activate these infernal devices.

Even the giant-sized alchemical bench was gross. It had vials of nephilim extract... no way was I going to touch that, let alone keep it on me. From what I have studied, it apparently was good to use against nephilim. I think I will include nephilim under my common sense heading of "things to stay away from" that dragons fall under.

Torture Chamber & Tainted Steel Stone Pillar Room
of the Devourer

We rested up, and I managed to finally managed to get my xbow specs to the first initial stage of the XB530a model (a current favourite of my family, unless a new prototype is out). This stage allows magical enhancements, which is totally wizbang. I almost freaked when Arek tripped over me while I was busy working. Note to self: ask Calibre to keep my gnomgineer area clear of unwanted snoopers.

Unfortunately the next morning Arek could not remove the taint from those affected (I am glad that Calibre and I weren't, I never want to feel taint ever ever again). Fortunately, the airhead said we could go visit another tree spirit that could help, but that the spirit would want a boon for doing so. We decided on taking Domaldi's sapling; it seems fitting, I know he would want to help us in this manner.

Janarl led us to the tree spirit with no problems, and just as we got there the boar plant confronted us. Well, this time we had a surprise for it.

Arek had given me some alchemical fire (I love the stuff, in a purely engineering sort of way). With a quick apology to those who would be splashed by it, I doused the boar plant thoroughly. The rest of my comrades helped while Nimbus talked to the woodland spirit who came out to watch. After watching Thalazaar's latest hell minion of the week tear apart the boar plant, we met up with the wood spirit.

Don't know what Nimbus said to her, but she seemed very happy and willing to help our tainted fellows. Seeing that they would be taken care of, I set to work on upgrading my xbow cartridges. I feel so giddy after the prime gear haul I had.

We parted our way with Gunther, and the wood spirit said she would escort him safely away. Gunther was going to try to clear Domaldi and our names (hope it doesn't get him killed), so I gave him my uncle's name in Riot's Gate. Hope my uncle can keep him safe (and that my uncle has been safe all this time!)

The group made good time heading towards where Janarl's people lived, and we settled in for the night. Hopefully I can be back in Peppershot soon.

An Account by Thalazzar

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