Book One: Ordered by Gods

Gunther Timeline

When the Ley Lines collapsed, wheels were set in motion.
This is the Timeline of events as seen from the perspective of Domaldi's
childhood friend, Gunther Wolheim

16 Days Ago

- The Ley Lines collapsed and all magic was disrupted during the Eye of Independence lunar eclipse
- Some spells failed completely, such as those used for cold storing food and those establishing a guard or ward; Priests lost touch with their deities; message spells ceased working, etc.

13 Days Ago

- Word arrived at Forward Advance that Riot's Gate, the Federation capital, has been ruined (explosions, parts of the old Dwarven central tower collapsed, magical beasts running rampaging...)
- Rumour has it that the Claimers of the Maddock (the personal GUardians of the ederation's Dwarven King) were responsible for the cataclysm (this sounds unbelievable)

- Many government leaders are dead

12 Days Ago

- Some spells begin functioning again

9 Days Ago

- A High Inquisitor of the Heironeous arrives in Forward Advance and confiorms the worst, Yeoman Canchari, High Commander of the Sunterran Armies of Heironeous died in the Cataclysm
- the Chruch of Heironous is leaderless and gripped in the political infighting that has consumed Riot's Gate. Communication with Heironeous himself is only intermittant and offers little comfort and less understanding. Factional and political differences in Riot's Gate are ripping the Church apart, hence he return of the hated Inquisition. The laregst rift is that between the Lawful Good side of the Church, the so-called "Purists" more concerned with mysticism and Righteousness, and the Lawful Neutral side, more concerned with Justice and aligned to the Federation and


Journal of the Doomed Expedition into the Devourer!

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