Book One: Ordered by Gods

Darkness Falls
Cuthberta Umberselunday &Umberdakarday

According to Domaldi


Where am I? I do not know.

Who am I? This I do know. I am Domaldi the Justianian son of Pilus formerly Aquifiler redeemed Janissary and Caroline of Forward Advance, servant of Heireoneous.

Writing in this book is clearing my mind as it swirls in chaos. Heireoneous…


By the Prayers of Heironeons, I regain myself. I recall now all that has come before. I have studied this journal obviously of my own hand of my Journey to find my Father’s killer and its link to some terrible Struggle among the Gods. I recall the events as I had previously written:

… wounded and weary, our group proceeded forward after defeating the Mad Goblin. We entered a large, dark room amid the sounds of chaotic and oppressive babbling. Two zombie orges and a larger massive evil giant attacked us. I can recall the inspiration of the Bard’s song and how it allowed the Tattooed Monk and the Dwarven Cleric to regain their control. Arek the Claimer, I remember now. I was able to focus the Will of Heironeous through the Claimer and his weapon Unity to drive one of the Zombie’s away. The Monk was able to hold the two Beasts off but my bow was useless against such foes. I charged one of the ogres and hewed it massively. Arek delivered the killing blow. I charged the giant Beast, an Inscriber and delivered blow after blow. It turned on me and struck…

Darkness and emptiness.

NO! This fight is not done! I must return for my Companions need my Arm! I MUST RETURN!

A stronger force pulled me along. I was floating on the shoulders of a giant through the darkness. I hear sounds and feel sadness but do not understand.

Bright light and warm, fragrant winds. I am aloft on the wings of a dragon towards the clouds. They are clouds of a thunderstorm. They are the fortress of my god, gathering in strength for a War. I reach the Clouds themselves and walk among warriors of the Past. I see a place set for me around a grand table of heroes and legends.

Father! I recognize the Face of my Father! I have not forgotten! I move to him. He said, “My worthy Son, you are a true warrior. For you died on your feet with your enemy to your front and your companions to your sides. You honour our name and our Cause. Sit. Your place is prepared and ready.” I go to sit and feel a hand on my shoulder. I turn and see a magnificent Face. His voice Echoes: “You will go back. There is much more for you to do. There is no time for rest and song. You will go back and drive evil before you. You will be the a Scythe cutting down the Fields of Evil in my name.”

I am pulled away on a cloud and see the Smile of my Father’s Face. I feel the Force of Heironeous flowing through me.


I hear a voice: “Do you wish to live? Speak now! Do you wish to live?”



“To serve Heironeous”


A Friend in Need...

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