Book One: Ordered by Gods

Hall of Frescoes

After wiping away the grimy black moss, a bewildering mural is revealed. The frescoes are made with colourful triangular tiles of various sizes – some, such as those used to write out mathematical equations, are extremely small delicate (Most of these equations use the Bakare number system). There are numerous vignettes, but it is impossible to determine, in this short period, the significance of the order and whether it has any meaning. In no particular order, the vignettes depict:

• Giants battling Dwarves
• Giants battling Stone Druids
• Giants battling Scalyfolk
• Giants battling Nephilim
• Giants battling Theoneans (humans, most in garish masks)
• Giants battling one another
• Giants building the Devourer
• Giants gathering Brutish slaves
• Giants with Dwarven slaves
• Giants torturing and sacrificing countless slaves, some, to their gods
       o The Giants seem to derive some sort of power from this process
• Giants torturing and sacrificing Nephilim
• Giants working with Stone Druids
       o Stone Druids delivering one of their own unto the Giants
• Giants battling something resembling a shining circle, designed in a spiral of tiles, annotated with a large number of equations
• Giants creating undead
Dygranog (the peak from which Axes Bithtat emerges) and the Three Pillars are the most unmistakable features of the background, also with accompanying equations
• Detailed accounts of torture and dismemberment
• Mathematical equations
• Star charts rim the ceiling

Death of a Knight!

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