Book One: Ordered by Gods

Flame & Shadow
Cuthberta Clairesularday & Cuthberta Umberselunday

According to Frankie

Another day came upon me, and I was not looking forward to returning to the dark complex. Frankie went back to helping Calibre with maintenance, and began to ask some questions concerning the religion of the Clockworks. Calibre seemed to avoid the questioning, and this was most likely due to the thrall module. Of course, this is only speculation.

Calibre asked to take his leave of me, so I let Calibre head off to be with it's own thoughts. We set out to the dungeon again, and I was a tad nervous. So far that boar plant has left us alone... my paranoia began to think that this thing was waiting for an opportune time. Maybe for Fohla to be absent?

Eventually we returned to where we first met the undead dwarf with the white floaties, and followed the map to where it should turn off in the direction we wanted. Blank wall greeted us at the supposed juncture, but upon further inspection I determined that it was an illusion! Nimbus went through, and we followed afterwards. I glimpsed down the wall and saw a finely made vault door. I wonder if there was any engineering salvage that way!

Nimbus looked unsettled as we came through the hidden passage, but did not comment on what had happened. We moved onwards, and came to another branch which was hidden behind an illusion. This illusion hid a locked door.

As I began to inspect the door, I heard voices talking in an unfamiliar language, shortly followed by a woman's scream. I lifted my head to investigate, just as a glowing red bead shot into the group's general vicinity. Engineering HAZMAT 101 training kicked in, and I fell prone into the water while everyone else got BBQ'd. Thalazar was especially cooked.

Nimbus yelled to get the door open, so I did just that and pushed on it. I shouted for everyone to move through and for Calibre to secure the door when he went in. I took the x-bow's safety off and adopted a firing position to cover the group's retreat. We all entered the room, and Tiberio and I secured the door with some spikes. Before we could do that, the door was swinging ajar... this did not bode well. Nimbus asked me to look at another door across the way. I asked Calibre to take me there, and as we moved forward a web appeared out of nowhere, magically assaulting us!!

I ducked and weaved to avoid the strands, and noticed that two of the dormant statues in the room began to animate. The fight was nasty, and in an attempt to get out of the webs I slipped and got myself tangled. I eventually gave up and just let myself hang there. Good thing the group won.

After the fight those who needed healing rested up, and Thalazaar said he had found several items on a crazed female goblin, who apparently was responsible for all the magical assaults. Guess she got what was coming to her!

One of the items was a set of cool engineering goggles. I asked Tiberio to use his religious fanatical ability to see if they had evil heeby jeebees. He gave me the a-ok and lo and behold they fit me perfectly (after I cleaned them up and made sure they were hygienicly sound; the goggles WERE worn by some crazy goblin)

As I showed my gear buddy my new specs, I noticed a secret door across the way. It turned out that there were six doors. Some of the rooms they led to were flooded, but we managed to find three that had lost history of the giants and other religious stuff. No engineering tidbits, unfortunately.

Having some time to thing things over, my only regret is not knowing the good Clockwork god's name. Even Arek only knew of Cable, which was one of the "bad" names mentioned in Peppershot.

There might be some hope. There are a few sections mentioned in the Clockwork operating manual on the thrall module. I will find a way to re-engineer this module and free Calibre.

After a well deserved rest, the group headed further in.

A Description of the Hall of Frescoes

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