Book One: Ordered by Gods

Flame & Shadow
Cuthberta Clairesularday & Cuthberta Umberselunday

Domaldi's Account
Fire & Steel

Cuthberta Clairesularday

A day of rest. We healed to allow our bodies to recover: we cleaned and repaired our equipment. I mediated and prayed at length to gain my Inner Eye. I again sought the Evil that surrounded us in the Grove to better gauge and understand it. When I first used my Inner Sight to detect the Evil of Garasoth, it was like jumping into a Frozen Lake: drowning and suffocating. This time, it was like carefully wading into a mountain pond: painful but controllable. I was not stunned and blinded. I could not see anything with my eyes but I could feel the crushing presence of Motes of Evil floating around the opening of the Cave. I have never felt such a corruption and never even heard Father speak of such a thing. The Grove stands as a Bulwark against this Sea of Ancient and Unspeakable Evil. This Evil runs over my skin like ants in the sun and unnerves me greatly.

After this Effort, I needed to practice my sword drills to re-gain my Centre. I practiced with Woodclaw while wearing my new Belt and Breasttplate. I felt great strength and power as I wielded the sword. It was like Fire raging through my veins and mind. I could hear the trees calling me and the chaos of nature ran through my veins. The Power inside me was like a caged animal. During my drills, I felt exaultant and powerful in a growing and dangerous way. These things I have now must be used carefully! With great effort, I was able to regain my sense of Order and master my Abilities. I will strive to use these Gifts wisely to help the Good: destroying Evil is only a means to achieve this.

Cuthberta Umbersulenday

We entered the Cave again and proceeded along the route on the Map. We quickly found a junction covered by an Illusion. In one direction, I could hear the voice of a child begging for help. I turned my Inner Eye and felt a deeper Evil behind us and assessed that it was a Vile Trick. As Frankie and Thalazzar worked on the Door that barred our way, I moved to the back to guard our rear with Nimbus. We suddenly saw a man holding a knife at a woman’s throat talking to Tiberio in Zularian. He stabbed the woman and we attacked. As I struck, he disappeared with the woman as if they were but illusions: yet he was so real! Suddenly, there was an explosion of fire. Frankie opened the Door and we entered a large room. As we crossed it, we were attacked by two giant armoured constructs. Nimbus and I drove outward to each of these Guards to open a wedge for Frankie and Calibre to run through to open the next Door. Just then the Goblin appeared and cast a web to entangle us all. I broke free and rushed her. She tried to blind me with her spells but I Smote her with the Might of Heironeous and she fell. I turned and charged the flank of one of the Dreaded Guards as Nimbus drew its attack. I shattered its side as Calibre delivered the killing blow. I again rushed the second Fell Creature. We traded blows before I delivered the Killing Stroke.

We examined he frescos and saw an Ancient Story. It was an incredibly gruesome process of Giants capturing and torturing various creatures including Nephilum (DM - the Nephilim were clearly the principal target of the Giant's activities). A symbol of a massive Circle of Light (a spiral) was involved possibly representing the One. The Hall connected to six secret doors. Three were flooded and the other three contained vast stores of scrolls; some in Yithic and others in the language that Bishop Jones spoke about with such dread. When Tiberio tried to read one, he became lost and agitated as if the language itself was Chaos. He proceeded along our Quest…

Frankie's Take on Events

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