Book One: Ordered by Gods

Stumbling Into Depths
Cuthberta Clairefreeday

Schematics by Frankie

Engineering tools make a gnome drown good!

The day started off on a good note. While everyone else prepared to venture into the foul looking dungeon entrance, I borrowed some of Thalazaar's time and fixed the arcane flux detector. Works like a charm now!

We set forth, and approached the entrance. Good thing that annoying vegetable boar wasn't around.

The entrance to the dungeon had Bakare numbers around it's circumference. We matched them up to what they were on Domaldi's map, and identified some internal mechanisms. I managed to gnomivate a few doo-hickeys to jimmy the mechanisms into working. Those Bakari must not have known about how good we gnomes are at engineering. Besides activating the mechanisms, we could not determine what purpose they have.

We made our way inside, and proceeded down a hallway. We came upon what looked like to be a water-logged corpse. Domaldi poked it, and it rose up and attacked us.

As things usually go with our group, things went from bad to worse. A vile water creature ambushed us and Thalazaar and I got slapped around. Calibre was beat up a bit too, but we managed to previal. I was hit right in the face and knocked fully into the water. Gross!

We returned to the dryad's tree farm to recoup and heal, then went further in to the dungeon. Nimbus discovered a trap by triggering it, but managed to totally avoid it. The move reminded me of Basic Engineering Survival 101 training I did back in Peppershot. I disabled the trap, then spent some time trying to get some pockets. As my luck went, got nada. I'm really short on pockets too, never a good thing for a engineer!

So after the trap the hallway was crossed by a strong, nasty looking current. Domaldi had this brainwave that we could cross holding a rope. I knew I was in trouble when he asked me "You can swim, right Frankie?" and after I said "no", he said "ok lets cross on a rope using Calibre as an anchor".

So I made an attempt to cross. The current hit me, and all forty-three pounds of me got swept off the rope with ease. I remember banging into the rough stone of the corridor, and wondering when I was going to run out of breath. I realized that I hadn't decided on what religion I should get into, and realized that now was most likely a bad time to convince some divine power that I didn't want my spirit to roam aimlessly for all eternity. As I pondered this, I felt a hand grab me. I thought that this was it, but curiousity got ahold of me and I felt where it clutched my back. It was Calibre! The Clockwork had wizbang telescoping mechanicals built into his arms. That sly gear-chummer was full of cool engineering tricks! Calibre brought me to safety and I realized that I needed to ask him some more religious questions, especially about a somewhat taboo subject back in Peppershot.

Calibre looked really worried at my close call, and I was thinking that if I kept adventuring like this I would have to invent my own solution to fixing the thrall unit instead of looking for an expert with time I did not have. Especially after Calibre had saved my life!

We gathered our waterlogged selves together, then went down another corridor into a Bakare burial preparation room (NOTE - The party already determined that the numbers on the entrance, and even some of the architecture, were Bakare - a human civilization - but the structure itself is Giantish in its proportions -DM). Left the room to move deeper in, until we saw some disgusting white floaties and a dead dwarf. So far it appeared that the group that the dryad spoke of that never made it out of this dungeon were all undead!!! After a short fight we discovered that the white floaties liked sucking lots of blood, so we retreated to the dry burial room where we proceeded to make short work of both floaties and the dwarf. The dwarf managed to get a lucky strike in on Nimbus, but his weapon broke when hitting his skin. Almost reminded me of the time when great Uncle Fizzerbig's anti-rust formula had a bad reversal during experimental stage M3.

So far this dungeon was appearing to be like most other "adventures" with this group. Painful and dangerous!

Arek's Blessings

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