Book One: Ordered by Gods

Stumbling Into Depths
Cuthberta Clairefreeday

From Domaldi's Journal, written in the Grove of the Folha

Cuthberta Clairefreeday

After staying the night in the Grove, we spoke with Folha more on recent events. She said that another group entered the cave before the Ley Lines fell. They were a party of a halfling, human, goblin and dwarf. Only the halfling escaped. He prepared ourselves and went to the cave entrance. It was a triangular opening covered with Bakare numbers from one to ten. That clever Frankie constructed a type of key and we entered the number 1037 into the Arch. We heard some kind of stone sound but could not identify it.

As we descended into the cave, when we reached the first level, we found that it was flooded. We were able to follow the Map and found an area like a ritual washing area. There was a corpse floating in the room but it turned out to be an Undead Cleric of Erythnul: the Human of whom Folha spoke. He launched a savage Attack that we defeated quickly even as it tried to support Foul Assistance. However, we were sorely wounded and needed to recover for a short time. After that, we proceeded into the flooded tunnels. Using Calibre as an anchor, we crossed a dangerous part that almost claimed Frankie. This cave system seems unmistakably Old but also much Unused. We were able to continue along the route on the Map and encountered another Undead: the Dwarf. Its Attack was all the more difficult because it was surrounded by fearsome Bloodbloaters. We were able to withdraw to a superior position and render the Bloaters ineffective. That allowed us to surround the Foul Creature and strike it down. We were struck heavily by this second creature and therefore went back to the Grove to recover.

Undead Dwarf

Cuthberta Clairesularday

Spending the whole day in the Grove was necessary but difficult. We know that Tallum is getting farther away and yet this Cave beckons us. I am concerned that we still must face an undead Goblin below. Moreover, we still do not know what defeated them and therefore I am concerned that proceeding farther will spell our End and Doom Tallum to an undesirable fate. While cleaning the Belt I found on the Dwarf, I thought on this. My Quest to come here at first was about my Vengeance. However, it is striking apparent now that a Conspiracy of Evil moves in the shadow to overthrow the Federation. Something stands between our gods and us. This Map and Cave are on our Path even if it is not the shortest way to Tallum. It is the necessary Way. Father always said that to attack an Enemy from the front might be brave but was stupid and often fatal. A Plot not of our making or understanding surrounds us. We must plumb its depth.

An Account by Thalazzar

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