Prologue: Gates of Stone

Dream of Horrors
Tirna Umbersularday & Umberfreeday

Being an account of the strange events in Riot's Gate
during the Festival of Two Moons, in the 19th Annum Independencia
from the Journal of the Gnomish Tinker, Linkosplitzit Kantankeran,
aka Frankie

[author's note - some content has been deliberately removed]

Tirna Umbersularday: I find that my usual note-taking on schematics must wait; the events of last night and today have been most nerve wracking.

Surmization: I have been assaulted magically (I still cant' believe this) and have been exposed to "racism." I am still trying to decide which is worse. I even shot someone with my prototype crossbow! I committed assault (I guess it isn't assault, Arek is a lawful authority, and I am part of a militia) err, getting off track again!

So I talked to my fellow victims' about reporting us getting magically assaulted, and to my dismay the majority of the group I am with stated nothing would be done. I need to talk to [contents removed]. Now I find myself stuck in a real life "fictional" drama (never did like reading fiction). Merchant girl kidnapped by "racist" thugs, thugs terrorizing communities, selling people to demonic cults as slaves... this HAS to be linked to that magical assault!

Hmmm, I need to start from the beginning. If something happens to me (like that Thalazzar gets me alone!) this journal can be used as state's evidence.

The magical assault occurred in a dream I was having. I usually dream about schematics I am working on; I have solved a lot of technical issues that way! Anyways, this dream was in this underground magical room, during the night of the eclipse (two nights from now). Myself and a group of others appeared to have come out of some kind of magical portal thingies.

So anyway, we all start talking, and this woman shows up. The woman was ready for a fight, but was calmed down.

Just when the woman was about to open up why she was there, a man rides up on horseback, dressed as some kind of foreign officer. The man thought I was a human girl (how embarrasing). The worse part was that the man was using [contents removed].

Then these tentacles appeared and started ripping people apart! I thought I was dead, but woke up.

Things are really crazy now. Once I talk to [contents removed] that should take care of everything, and I will be able to get back to being an undergrad and put this all behind me. Note to self: make up an excuse to avoid going into the sewer. Riot's Gate really needs to adopt gnomish technology for sewer maintenance.

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